Friday, May 22, 2015

Announcing Gatehaven a Novel and Study Guide

I'd like to introduce you to a friend's new novel...

Gatehaven is a gothic novel with a strong Christian message, based on Ephesians 6:11: Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Set in a scary mansion in the north of England in 1794, Shannon Aimee and Ian Colquhoun battle an evil Frenchman with dark secrets.

The Gatehaven study guide is a pair of workbooks for students and teachers that is designed for use with Gatehaven, an award-winning novel by Molly Noble Bull.


The set includes:
·         Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull
·         The Gatehaven Study Guide for Teachers by Jeanette Pierce
·         The Gatehaven Study Guide for Students by Jeanette Pierce

About the workbooks...
In this Bible-based study of spiritual warfare vs. the occult, documented background information provides a picture of life in England and Scotland during the late 1700s, emphasizing the status hierarchy and its effects on the people, especially those on the lower rungs of the social ladder and the Protestant Reformation, some of its leaders, and its effects on religion in Europe.

Also included are study questions for each chapter of the novel, a vocabulary list, questions related to the structure of the novel, and a writing assignment that students can complete independently of the teacher.

The Gatehaven study guide set is designed for 8th thru 10th grade students, but older students and adults can also use it. It is available in both e-book and paperback versions. The teacher’s guide contains the answers and grants permission for the teacher to make copies of the final exam.

Author Bios
Molly Noble Bull is a multi-published Christian novelist from South Texas, and Gatehaven is the grand prize winner of the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest. As a result, it was published in trade paperback and e-book in March 2014. Molly’s next novel, When The Cowboy Rides Away, is scheduled for publication in 2015.

Jeanette Pierce is a retired English teacher living in Houston, Texas. She holds a master’s degree and has taught at high school and college levels. The two study guides for Gatehaven are her first published works, but stay tuned. Jeanette is currently working on study guides for When The Cowboy Rides Away.

Author links

Jeanette’s Amazon author page:
Gatehaven (the novel) trailer:

Buy Links for Gatehaven Project

The novel:

The workbooks:

 ISBN Student guide:
·  ISBN-10: 1508936927
·  ISBN-13: 978-1508936923

ISBN Teacher’s guide:
·  ISBN-10: 1508938113
·  ISBN-13: 978-1508938118

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blood, Boobs & Carnage BlogFest

The BB&C BlogFest List

In my opinion, the movie Cowboys and Aliens got a bum rap. I really enjoyed it, felt like an old fashioned western with a twist, and since I love Science Fiction, the twist suited me just fine.  It has plenty of blood and carnage but I have to admit was a little light on the boobs side. I’m also a fan of the two leading men, so that didn’t hurt my feelings either. Have you seen it? Well, here is the better of the trailers out there on YouTube. I hope you can see in it what I did…

Next I must put the Lethal Weapon Series! I have watched all of these twice or more and they just don't get old, though the first is my favorite.


And I can't leave out two others, Leon: The Professional

And The Fifth Element.
Guess most of these are all light on the boobs, but they are heavy on the blood and carnage! There are so many more, but don't want to block traffic on the blogfest! Please be sure to check out the other blogs participating!

THANK YOU Alex and Heather for bringing this Blogger Fest to us!

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It's That Time Again... IWSG

In our group (IWSG) we tend to write a lot about rejection, especially pertaining to getting published. I’d like to try and look at it a different way today.

If you really stop and think about it, rejection is an everyday part of life. Handling rejection on many different levels is wired into us in very subtle ways. When you wake in the morning and see yourself in the mirror, your real self, not the one you put the face on for outside of your waking moment, do you accept or reject that look? Most of us just, “Oh, it’s you again,” and avoid the mirror till we get our makeup on, or at least brush our teeth and hair.
At work, we tend to be aware of those around us and whether or not they seem to judge us negatively or positively. Our senses heighten, antennae constantly moving to stay one step ahead of rejection of our selves, of our looks, of our speech, of the clothes we choose to wear.
So if we are constantly dealing with judgment and rejection almost every day of our lives, why should we let it get to us so much when it comes to our writing?

I decided a few months ago that I was tired of the rejection I gave myself when I looked into the mirror. I decided to try and change that “talk” in my head and greet myself with a “good morning” instead of the “Oh, it’s you again.” I must admit I fall down on the job every now and then, that it’s a work in progress. But I am persevering, giving myself positive energy instead of negative.
How about you? What is your self talk? Are you kind and loving to yourself, or do you not even have a mirror, to avoid that morning look?

Haha! Couldn't resist this image!
Go ahead, I encourage you to give yourself some positive feedback and see if that doesn’t help with the other “big” rejections life throws at you.  After all, you are the only one who must live with you for the rest of your life. You might as well encourage your Self. Because we all know discouragement will find us, but the stronger we are inside, the harder it will be for rejection to take us down. That’s my theory anyway, and I like it! 

And because I didn't get enough of co-hosting on the A to Z (LOL), I'm co-hosting here today on the IWSG along with the ever amazing  Eva Solar, Melanie Schulz, and Stephen Tremp!
Don't hesitate to drop by their blogs and thank them for being on the Ninja's team!

Oh, and don't forget, The Blood, Boobs, and Carnage Blogfest  
is May18th
Use a movie/show/book that exemplifies the theme. (Or part of theme.) 
Hosted by Alex and Heather Gardner.

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Monday, May 04, 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015 Reflections

Well, here I am on Monday, having thought I'd have my post ready and realized I didn't do it! Blank mind. Blank page. So sorry! That is NO reflection on the Challenge, in fact, it is exactly the opposite. I have so much to write about this year's challenge that it boggled my mind and voila, nothing got posted! Oh dear.
This year the A to Z was amazing, tiring, fulfilling and a test. First, I volunteered to co-host, and had two wonderful teams (the A to Z team and Lisa's LiveWires!) that helped me through, and second, could I get across my love for my birth state and the part of it I like the best? Going from my comments received, I think I did all right, and my teams rocked!
The blogs I visited, the people I communicated with were so unique, uplifting, interesting and diverse, that I traveled a daily journey that took me from Cornwall, Russia, India, Burma, France, Canada, Texas to a new artist (who's prints I bought) to new authors (books bought), limericks to die for, and the Twilight Zone, and Gods/Goddesses, and musical instruments, and  well, I could go on, but will stop here... I won't list blogs here because I don't want to forget any, and the list is looonnng!
The only thing I didn't enjoy this challenge, was the problem of finding blogs, and A to Z posts on some of those blogs. Some folks didn't leave "active" links with their comments, so that I could find my way to them easily, others left links that went to the blog, but not to the A to Z posts!
Honestly, if that was the only negative, that is small compared to the over all.

Thank you for dropping by. Thank you for being a part of such a wonderful experience. I look forward to more blogging fun in the future!

Here is the link to others participating in Reflections this week...

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Two Weddings and a Happy Mother


Welcome and wonderful
Even if a bit stressful
Diaphanous  gowns and
Decorations to suit,
Intriguing reasons and
No unhappy tears
Grooms who love their brides
Smash all thoughts of doubt and give freedom to joy!

My husband and I have much to celebrate this month and next month. Both of our lovely adored children will be marrying their chosen partners; our son on Mother's Day, yes, this month, and our daughter on June 27th, yes next month! We have known of our daughter's for over a year, the other was announced last Thursday!

They are both so very happy, how can I not be? I am lucky that both my husband and I will be at both ceremonies. We are lucky that both of our loves have chosen wonderful people to share their lives with.

Thank goodness I've had a year dealing with my daughter's wedding, to help me know what needs to be done and how to get it done for my son's. Thank goodness all of my family lives up in Asheville, NC where the ceremony will take place, and that they have helped in such a way that all is running, so far, very smoothly and we have everything, so far (don't want to jinx anything!) that our young couple has asked for.
Here they are, our loves, 
Tristan K. Buie-Collard with his fiancee Amber Felice Lamprecht
and Marjorie Buie-Collard with her fiance Michael Dallas Fought, Jr.

Tristan and Amber

May 10, 2015

Michael and Marjorie

June 27, 2015