Wednesday, September 04, 2019

IWSG September - After Summer Blues

Do you ever feel like a spoiled brat? After this summer I do. Amazingly wonderful summer. Lots of quality time with my husband, two impromptu short vacations together (one to Canada!), a four-day visit to Chicago in August given to me as an early birthday present from my sister, who was also my host and tour guide. (My “big number” birthday is actually this month but we wouldn’t be able to be together on the day so we did it when we both could)
I am spoiled beyond spoiled. I sit at home now, alone with my little dog and think of how lucky I am, and how blessed, and yet am flogging myself with questions about my writing, intentions and otherwise. I am “this close” (finger and thumb held a millimeter apart), to finishing my current WIP, and I’m sick of it. I don’t want to write another word. It feels like too much to finish it. I only wish it was because I was so in love with it that I didn’t want to finish it, but the reality is I’m questioning if I should even keep writing. I make no money. I’m not helping anyone with my writing, and though my husband is ever patient and supportive, I feel I’m letting him down.
So, right now I feel like a brat. A sad brat. A frustrated brat with no “real” reason to feel so depressed. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s to tell me to get off my arse and finish the book!

September 4 question: 
If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be and why?
First, France. Because I have a true love-on for France, especially the Toulouse area. I feel so much more inspired when I'm there, usually. I dream a lot there. I'd also like to be in the Carribean. I think if I had a month next to a soft dreamy beach I could perhaps make it to me, to what I need to write next. Now all I have to do is find that place here, in my home...

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 All photos Lisa Buie-Collard
Bridal Veil Falls US

Horseshoe Falls Canada

My hubby, me and our pup Boney at Niagara Falls. Wow. First time in Canada, first time to see the falls.

Hubby and me out on the town. Great sliders here!

My Sis and me at Hamburger Mary's Diva Brunch!
At the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, my Sis and me.

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

IWSG and We Made It Through the Heat Wave


The end of summer is approaching and when I think of what I’ve accomplished in the hot months of this year, I realize I’ve learned a lesson, one I’ll probably have to re-learn multiple times, but one that is present in my mind as I think about the IWSG and today’s post.

I had to make peace with myself about not getting as much writing done as I would have liked. I learned to give myself permission to take a “vacation” while my husband is not in school. To be with him. To be with my mother in law when she came. Allowing myself this time to just be with those who I love and who love me was at first hard. But then when I gave into it and realized this part of my life deserves my full attention especially at this time, I have really enjoyed what I’ve done instead. When the school season starts later this month my husband will be in the university world and I will have all day to write. So, I really appreciated giving myself permission to not write. 

Have you ever done this? I know Chrys Fey has prescribed this in her Bactine posts, and even though I don’t have writer’s burnout, I’m glad I paid attention to them. If you haven’t read them, you should!

August 7 question:
Has your writing ever taken you by surprise? For example, a positive and belated response to a submission you’d forgotten about or and ending you never saw coming?
I love when my characters start telling me the story, guiding me, making it more about them than about me as a writer. It almost always comes as a wonderful surprise... sometimes it's scary, but is always interesting.

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