Wednesday, August 03, 2016

IWSG August and Scents of the Past

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Florida. A park set in piney woods. I’m walking to the restrooms to put on my swimsuit, ready to plunge into deep clear blue spring water on a hot muggy summer day. Then it happens, time travel. I’ve heard the sense of smell can take you back through memory faster than any other sense, and I believe it. One minute I’m in a park, the next I’m back in the forest I grew up in. Have you ever smelled a pine forest? It’s not only musty-sweet pine needles, it’s pungent, hot, soft and slightly bitter. The bitterness is of pine sap, the blood of a tree, of a forest. Deep, sticky and cruel to ants and paint jobs on cars. Earthy and wholesome the scent is wholly familiar and comforting to me. I am home within this scent.
Madison Blue Springs, Florida

I’ve been re-working my first true novel this summer and reveling in its beauty and the changes that must take place. I can’t change my past and for the most part wouldn’t want to. But part of the beauty of writing to me is being able to do just that, change the past, make it better, more interesting and readable to my readers. Piney woods. Pine sap. My past that will never change. It runs in my veins as necessarily as my blood, as does the writing that frees me to change anything.

Question of the Month

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“What’s your favourite beach?”  

 I don't have just one! Many Florida beaches, a few French ones on the Med, and one particular beach in Oregon, Bandon. They all hold special places in my heart.

Bandon Oregon

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

IWSG Wednesday July - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Late again. Vacations in the summer sure mess with my  schedules! At least I got it in on the right day this month! I spent all day today working in my daughter's and son-in-law's yard. Over our almost three week stay here in Ohio, I've been planting items she bought but never got to, things I bought for her, and cleaning up a bit of the stuff already growing. Writing a bit, yes, but I have found a wonderful and fulfilling feeling while working these past few weeks in their yard.

I love to garden almost more than I love to write. But since we decided to put our house on the market I have done basically nothing in my yard. Why should I invest more into it when I'm (hopefully!) going to leave it to someone else soon? So this sense of peace I have found while gardening, I have enjoyed to the fullest. I love the grubby way my gloves feel, my dirty feet, the sense of accomplishment I am experiencing. This is the feeling I crave and love when I write as well, and though I have been doing a bit of writing, nothing like what I usually do has been done and I have felt like I've let myself down. Until I get in the yard. Then everything goes away, just like it does when I'm writing. When I write I am also creating, cleaning up and planting new things while taking care of what is already there.

Writing and gardening. To me they go hand in hand in feeding my soul...

A happy flower from my daughter's Ohio garden!
 I hope you have something to do that you enjoy and, that feeds your soul as well. Happy July!

JULY 6 QUESTION: What's the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?
The best thing someone has ever said about my writing is that they couldn't put the book down!
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Monday, June 06, 2016

First Wednesday June IWSG Better Late Than Never

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 I missed my First Wednesday monthly post! First time in I don’t know how long. My life is in flux. So I guess that means my posting must be too, a bit. Not totally, but a bit. Right now I feel I am sitting on a precipice looking out over all the possibilities my future might hold, or not. It isn’t a bad feeling, but not a great one either. Change is inevitable in any life. How I choose to deal with it is what matters. I want to dive in, drink it in, take it by the cahones and really indulge in living whatever comes next. This takes bravery. This takes courage.
I seek a new path and that is scary for me but have learned to do it anyway. Years ago I went on a year-long adventure to Europe. I was 21 and traveled alone. When I returned I didn’t talk much about the trip with anyone, due to feeling embarrassed because I’d been so scared most of the time I was gone. My mother, wise woman that she is, pulled me aside and asked, “What does it matter how scared you were? You did the trip didn’t you? Did anyone else you know go with you when you asked? Did anyone else do what you did? Why are you not proud of that accomplishment? Not everyone can or will do what you did.”
I remember crying when I heard her words. Why did I dismiss what I had accomplished with such embarrassment? To this day it is hard for me to give myself “credit” for what I do, so I have learned to push through. To measure myself by what I do, not how afraid I am of doing it.
So here I go. Wish me luck!

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