Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Laydi has passed on

Well, our lovely Laydi-girl is gone. Yesterday was the day, and thank goodness our son was here. With my husband at work, I couldn't have done this alone. The vet was so very wonderful and understanding, told us Laydi was a special girl, that she stood out and was always sweet while there. The truth is, though Laydi had her moments, as any of us do, her nature was sweetness, love and eagerness to be loved. She was so easy to live with, so easy to love and care for.
The vet came into the room with us, as did a young woman whom I hadn't seen before. I assumed she was a helper, someone who worked there. She was quietly compassionate with us and with Laydi, seemed to know our girl. She was there the whole time as I cried and piled up used tissues. T was his brave self, petting Laydi with me and the young woman. My thoughts were of G at work, not being there in body, but in mind for sure, and M, how I knew she wanted to be there too, just the ocean between us creating a pretty strong barrier. They were so present in my mind it was if they were there. T and I held Laydi's head in our hands as she passed. I've never been with anyone at this point in life and it frightened me a bit, but also saddened me to really understand Laydi's time with us was really over. It was over so fast. The vet, then the young woman talked about cremation. I couldn't make the decision, so T called G and they made it together. Yet while the young woman talked to us, she called the vet her mother and I realized who she was. We've been going to that vet for seven years and I'd never met her daughter. I felt she was there for M, her compassion and gentleness stood in for my daughter and helped make it a more whole experience for us, for Laydi. After, they told us we could stay as long as we needed to, not to rush. When it came time for us to go I couldn't leave Laydi alone in the room. T went and asked someone to come be with her while we left. Our vet and her daughter were there right away. Our vet hugged us both, then her daughter did too and she touched my heart with her willingness and sympathy. Like she knew us from Adam. It didn't matter that she didn't, her heart was right where it needed to be for us yesterday and I will always cherish her for that. It also reconfirmed something for me that I already knew, our vet is a precious and warm-hearted individual. She has a wonderful partner and staff in that clinic. They all took wonderful care of our girl and I will always appreciate their aptitude with animals and their attitudes toward what they do for a living. Our pets are not just their "job".
When once more we come to have another pet in our lives, we will return to those who we know will do right by that pet, as they did with our girl, Laydi Light Buie-Collard. 

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