Monday, June 27, 2011

Today is a good day!

Today is a good day here in Winter Park Florida! I walked four miles in an hour! Yeah, but it was good time for me!! The weather isn't too hot, yet, and I've been busy catching up on the internet. Starting to get a bit familiar with Twitter and Linked In. Both I enjoy. I especially love the groups I'm a part of on Linked In. SO much information out there. So many helpful folks, so much hope period. I feel blessed. Had a great talk with both my daughter and my son today, joy! And I continue to sell sell sell. The site is getting better, still some glitches but better. Had some issues with my printer, but hopefully that will be worked out soon enough and I can get on with the important task of writing. Which I will do right now. Wishing you a day as good as mine...

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