Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About time!

Whew, it has been a long two weeks, or more, since I've been here. I've managed to post on FB, on Twitter, but haven't had a chance to update this blog. Love that word blog. The most interesting one I've heard for a journal or diary, which is what this really is, for the most part. Rambling now. I'm stopping!
Been working for my previous employer a bit (week and a half), which was nice, but put me way behind in marketing and getting the news out on Evangeline's Miracle. Then went down to Orlando to visit friends with my mum. A friend of hers/ours, has cancer. We wanted to see her now, to make good memories to go with ones from the past, not wait until she was so gone that she wasn't there anymore. We did that once with another very very dear friend. We got there in time to see her, to be with her and she recognized us. But that was all she could do and it was heartbreaking. I was glad we saw her, glad to have kissed her and held her and been with her before the end, but it was 'tellement triste' when I knew the woman she had been. Talk about taking life 'by the balls' to put it mildly! She was the epitome of a 'go-getter'. Not one to let life pass her by and she, Darcie, left four beautiful children to the care of the world, to us. A better legacy she could not have.
Our friend Dee, Delores, is another one of those heavy hitting women out to storm the world and take no prisoners. She is fighting, taking life - and potential death - by the horns, determined to rule. She is amazing to me. So are her daughters. My dearest friends growing up, we were parted too soon back then, but are lucky enough to have come together again now. Lisa and Becky. We are re-learning each other in our new personalities that are older, maybe wiser?, and definitely more beautiful! Of course!
The road ahead may throw stones at us soon, but I hope Lisa and Becky know/feel they can count on us, on my mother my sister and me, to be there for them, as I hope they can be there for us. What incredible women they are.
So, that is what I've been doing/learning. Keeping in touch with life around me and not barricading myself in my office, which I sincerely want to do! I will have to soon enough, or go insane with this longing to tell stories. Two are hammering at the door and the sound is getting intense.
In the meantime I am going, once again, to North Carolina to visit my father, my sister, friends too and will return in time to work for said previous employer for two days before I do, in fact, barricade the doors and wallow in words.
To help me get through I am reading a book I could not resist splurging on in St. Augustine at Wolf Books (Like old books? Go there, heaven on earth it is). Eugenia Price's Diary of Novel, Margaret's Story. A signed copy!!!!! Yes I paid dearly for it, but it is oh so worth it. A prize, a first edition. And, go figure, it's very good reading! She is showing me her day-to-day while writing a novel, teaching me about mine, calming me into believing I can really do this. That maybe one day someone will care about reading something like that from my point of view, my journals, or even just my books. What a thought. A gentle writer she is. I admire her very much now. Though I knew she was an important writer (loving St Simon's Island the way I do) I had never read her novels. Now I am reading HER. I love this.

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