Saturday, August 06, 2011

First Friday Book Signing

For those of you who wished me well, thank you! It worked! I had a lovely and successful evening with Katie Marple (don't you love her name!), owner of the Vintage Dragonfly, and her son, Joshua, who was there to help out his mother. Many friends dropped in and a few bought books. I was honored to have their support, as I was for those who came to the signing at the Library last weekend.
Katie’s shop is so full of marvelous things to look at that most browsers stay for quite some time. Having the air force base here is also a help as a lot of personnel come into town and actually visit downtown on First Friday’s, maybe even more than locals! There was much music in the streets, especially after dark as then one had the illusion of it being cooler. The heat here as been intense the last few weeks, into the hundreds every day with no rain. Shades of Texas…
I sold five books. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering I’m an unknown I don’t think that’s too bad for one four hour night. I enjoyed talking with a young couple, she’s from Warner Robin, he’s from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and I’ve actually been there! They were out on the town for the first time in awhile and seemed to really be enjoying themselves. I hope they enjoy the book. Another lady who bought one is a real ‘Townie’. She lives in the downtown area and seemed excited about reading the book as Katie had really played it up for me. Katie really took care of me last night and made a nice spot for me to sit right near the front of the store, which is saying a lot considering how many things she had to move to get the table there. She is an angel.
At my little table! We were busy, thank goodnes.
And then there were my friends who came to wish me luck or buy a book. I drove home with a feeling of being blessed, and having really put myself out there. This is not something that comes easily to me. Yes with friends it isn’t hard at all, but selling ‘myself’ is not an easy task. I know I’m not selling myself really, but in a way I am. If they like me they might be more likely to be interested in what I’ve written. It’s always a leap of faith to buy a book by someone you don’t know. I myself like libraries for just that reason. I can try new authors without the investment up front. If I like someone’s stories, then I’ll make the investment in them. Needless to say, I’ve donated two copies of Evangeline’s Miracle to our local library!
I have more to write, but my brain is finally slowing down… So I shall continue later today. Hope your morning is bright on this new Saturday.

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