Monday, August 08, 2011

Second Post Playing Catch-Up From the Weekend

Second post for today, to play catch up from the weekend spent recharging my energies. Which I spent mostly in the yard working on my ‘mound’ of a flower bed… Doesn't look great yet, but think of it in six months or a year!

Way too hot to be doing what I did but I did it anyway. I needed for it to be done, to look out my windows and see the work done, the plants in and the sprinkler giving its gift of life to them. I had such great experiences, in quiet ways, in getting this project done. I’ve been collecting plants for it for over a year. I have some from my sister’s garden in North Carolina, from walks taken in Florida and elsewhere, some I bought from nurseries, some were given to me, and others I bought from a neighbor who has a small nursery in his back yard. I have two plants from him that I don’t know the name of and neither does he! Photos are called for in case one of you recognizes these and can tell me what they are…
 This one the leaves came up after the flowers did. The leaves get big and almost banana tree looking. Beautiful.

On this one the flowers are a beautiful purple and about an inch and a half across…
So, anyway,  I succeeded in my goal of getting the earth prepared, getting all the plants in, and seeing the sprinkler doing its job at the end of the day. I did two hours in the morning, stopped because of the heat, then about three hours in the late afternoon when the sky turned gray with heavy clouds and ‘spit’ a bit before moving on. It was so much easier working under cloud cover. The sun about did me in.
This weekend we also ‘dog-sat’ some friends schnauzers, two of them, Frank and Ruben and they were wonderful. It was fun to have them at our house, but we spent both nights at their house because we felt it’d be easier on them. While there I started reading “Beloved Invader” by Eugenia Price. My first novel of hers. I am not ready to take my leave of her and so I started with this one. The friend with the dogs is letting me borrow it. To top off the good weekend, my talented husband also made good progress on the ‘entertainment unit’ he’s building for our ‘media room’!

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