Sunday, October 23, 2011

Small Business Development Centers Symposium

I attended a Small Business Development Centers symposium on Friday. Wow. What an eye opener. I’ve been stressing about a business plan, about a marketing plan, about how to get things done in a progressive and successful manner. Here I found people willing to help me accomplish this. I’m amazed at the contacts I made. This conference targeted women owned businesses. 
The keynote speaker was a woman who runs her own plumbing business and has 42 employees.   
She was a great inspiration to me because she took on a ‘climate’ that was hostile to her to begin with. She learned how to make it work for her. She didn’t let her ego get in the way of making her way and becoming a success at her chosen field. I tend to see what I do as an uphill climb all the way so when I hear stories such as hers, when I meet the women I met at this conference it makes a huge difference to me. I heard what I needed to hear. I am not the only one who has taken on a great challenge, testing myself and my abilities. With so many other women out there doing this, taking on the world, I feel a little less alone.  Think about it for your business. The website is in Georgia, but they are everywhere.   
Next week I set up my appointment and see where I go from there. I am hopeful now about gaining needed information and help implementing it. Not to mention I sold eight books and a book store owner Bev Bos wants to carry Evangeline's Miracle! Happy reading folks!

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