Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is a day of family,food and thankfulness. Though I am with family, my daughter is far away in another land and I miss her. I can relate to our military families who have loved ones away and their knowledge of the danger their loved ones are in on this day and wishing they weren't.
Which got me to thinking about military personnel, about the "Wall Street Protesters," about those in AmeriCorps, about volunteers everywhere, about all those in our country who are fighting for it to be the best place it can be.
I had a grandfather who was a vet of WWII, I have a father who is a vet of the Korean "Conflict", a nephew who was in the military for four years, a distant cousin that just finished his four years, a cousin who is in Afghanistan today, a friend that is in but stateside. Both of my children and some of my friend's children have devoted a year of their life to AmeriCorps for the betterment of our country and those in need. I have friends who have participated in some of the marches against the division of this country from the inside, which is how I see what is happening here right now.
I am reminded of the 1960's and the youth of our country going up against the establishment. The 60's and 70's were turbulent times and produced much that was good, but it didn't break the grip of the "establishment." Many of those who marched, who were arrested, who fought for something better, or at least different, now tote the norm. Age has a lot to do with that. We are all older, we are all more aware of the finite-ness of our time on the planet instead of feeling we are young enough to really change the world, or at least this country. It did work a bit in the 60's and 70's and it will work a bit now. But huge change doesn't come overnight unless it has something to do with electricity or medication and even those things take much time to truly produce change.
So, thinking of those fighting for our country in whatever way they are, I am thankful there are still a lot of people who care enough to do what they are doing. I thank you, each and every one. I thank you for risking, for caring, for wanting to do what you feel is right and good. I thank you and I am thankful for you.

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