Monday, December 05, 2011

Welcome to My World: Writing and Blogging

Whenever I can’t seem to work on my current “Work In Progress,” I come here to this blog to write something that, even though it might be smaller in word count, fills the need to cuddle/play/experiment with words and express myself. Having said that, last week was one of the best work weeks I’ve had in quite awhile. By work I mean positive movement forward on my current WIP. One of the things I love the most about writing is how fast the time goes when the work is going well (and they say we haven’t invented transporters yet). Can’t say I love it when I hit a wall but when that wall comes down and crashes at my feet, what a feeling of completion, even if the work isn’t completed. I feel I’ve accomplished something important and that helps, so says my husband, my overall view of life. He loves it when I have good work days.
Today I checked on the progress of my third giveaway on my blog and found that in asking the question “Do you like this blog?” I have four “no’s” out of 20 responses. Luckily all the others said yes. I would like to ask the bloggers - who did sign up for the giveaway even though they don’t like my blog - what about my blog do they not like? Please feel free to answer if you ever come back to check on the giveaway. Your response got me to thinking. The last post I made was a rant, and I was in full swing I will admit. Maybe you didn’t agree with my rant. I mean, who likes being called a liar? I did call myself one as well to be fair. But I waited a full week before I posted that rant because I don’t usually publicize my opinions when I’m concerned about offending someone. I did decide to post it because I felt it was important in the scheme of life to be as honest as one can be about the things one feels strongly about.
Now maybe you that don’t like my blog didn’t even read that post and could care less. You just didn’t like the blog. The old saying, “can’t please everyone all the time” comes to mind and I’ve always had an uneasy time with that (lack of self confidence blah blah). So, I’m sorry to you who answered “no” on liking my blog. I’m sure you will find many other blogs out there that you will/do like and so I wish you only the best.
I want to thank all of you who answered yes! Certainly don’t want you to feel left out of the conversation. I appreciate that you do like the blog and hope you will come back soon and/or follow/subscribe. I have a few blogs I subscribe to (wish I had time to follow more), and one of them really knows how to draw a follower in; he has a great sense of humor. I love reading Brown Road Chronicles. I’m trying to learn from him but I don’t have his style so it’s hard to see how to apply what he does to my own. But that’s what I love about blogs. They are as different as the folks who write them and I appreciate that diversity. So thank you again for liking my blog. I do my best to write things of interest to me and hopefully you, and not just of writing. Because if I get started writing about writing, I’ll become very linear and perhaps bore even you right out of reading this blog.

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  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog:) to answer your question of how to enter...Well, by leaving your comment and becoming a follower of my blog, that enters you automatically. Your name gets enbtered in the draw every time you post about it on FB, twitter, your blog...and come back to my site, leaving the link. Hope that's clear!
    Btw, I think you have agreat blog! I just read your post and honestly, you are so right about 'not being able to please everybody'. Just write what you love cause after all, this is YOUR spot. Have a great day and thanks again for entering:)


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