Thursday, January 05, 2012

For the Beginning of 2012

Les Pyrenees
I'm working on a new look for this blog. Check back soon to see how it looks. Hope to make it more user friendly. I hope you all had a great entrance into the new year. I'll write about mine shortly! Didn't want to come home and even though all our flights went perfectly, I was a miserable puppy... sick, as in really, but also missing scenes like this...

Part of my wonderful family, Colt, Isa, Cecile, Damien and Marjorie
and this.

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  1. Hi Lisa! I have seen your name and face on Twitter and elsewhere, and just popped over to your blog to check it out. I rarely do this, because we indie writers are so busy doing everything associated with running our own careers that one barely has time to write... but I'm glad I did. I loved reading about your time in France. The sights, the food, the people... it looked like such a wonderful time! And the best thing of all was your tags. These are the most evocative tags I've ever found on a blog:

    family and friends, farms, forests, France, mountain, unconditional love, walking, winter

    I want to go there right now, to the Land of Family and Friends, Farms, Forests, France, Mountain, Unconditional Love, Walking, Winter. That's a poem in itself!


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