Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Communication Breakdown!

Yesterday threw a couple of obstructive tests my way. One I passed, the other not so much. We have friends from France visiting for three weeks which I’m excited about. I love having France come to me. Love having the opportunity to speak French any time. I’ve also been fighting a “sty” on my lower eyelid for over a month which I’m not excited about. The Dr. said it was time to do something more severe since compresses and antibiotic ointments aren’t working. Meaning that Monday morning I was to go in and have it “taken care of” as in lanced. Ugh.  Also on Monday nos amis françaises and I were to head to Cape Canaveral for a three day sprint through the middle of the sunshine state; Monday, my “B” day on the A to Z blogging challenge.
First test: the operation. It went better than expected. Pain was involved but not enough to cry over. Popped two aspirin and with a patch over my eye we packed up and headed out. The patch came off after an hour or so (Dr’s instructions) and left me with a puffed up shiner. Lovely. Okay, I can wear sunglasses, right? Ice packs 4 X required during the day (again, Dr’s instructions) No problem. I wrote my “B” blog post in the car on the way down into my native state, happy knowing that once we arrived at our destination, a wonderful friend’s boat in a lovely little marina in Titusville, I’d have wi-fi and be able to post. Right.
Second test: posting the blog. Three ice packs, a full day in Daytona, Daytona Beach and lots of interstate later, we arrived. I got the password for the wi-fi at the marina store. So far so good, the guy didn’t even stare too long at my shiner. Get on the boat, boot up, connect to the internet… Not! Couldn’t connect. No matter what I did, I couldn’t connect. The marina shop was of course now closed so no help there. No McDonalds or cyber café in range. What to do? Swallow my chagrin and submit to my bitter fate. I could only hope for better luck in the morning. At sunset a hawk settled on the mast of the sailboat next to us, as if a guardian, watching over us through the night. At 3 am when I couldn’t sleep I got up to wander the docks and he was still there. It was as sign I was sure. Made me feel better.
Hallelujah, the morning has come and along with it not only a connection tip from a friendly neighbor, but a manatee has blessed us with a visit!!!! I’m hooked up to my communication machine, got my “fix” and I’m happy. I like this morning so much better than yesterday’s. Already it’s been a more relaxing and productive day. 
Fair followers, so goes the story of my success and failure. This Tuesday I’ve had the distinct pleasure to have spent my morning on the front of a boat watching and listening to the “locals” on E dock as they pass their time bending replacement plastic windows (in a homemade oven) for the aforementioned nice neighbor’s boat; talking, walking dogs, enjoying life in the marina.  I am lucky. I’m also hungry! Until “demain” enjoy your day too. Here’s to Communication in all its forms!

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  1. Great comic to demonstrate the topic. Ay, ay, ay communication breakdowns are no bueno.


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