Friday, April 06, 2012

Family and Friends

I can't believe I'm actually posting before dark today! Here goes the letter "F" for today...
Most everyone has “family” stories; most everyone has at least one friend, though it’s sadly true some people have neither. Today we are in North Carolina staying at my sister’s house for Easter weekend. With us (you know if you’ve followed this blog) are two of our best friends from France. Also here for the weekend, is a family of friends we’ve known for over twenty years plus our god daughter and her husband who is also my cousin.
We are a hodge-podge of family and friends. We don’t seem to care if there is a difference because we are so close to each other that the proverbial line between family and friend is blurred and inconsistent. We are all very aware of our fallibilities, of our pluses and minuses. The fact that so many folks over such a long time have made the relationships work says a lot to me about ordinary people, about the character of family and friends. It also makes me wonder about the state of our country and the divisions running strife in our bountiful land right now. They seem so senseless, useless and horribly frightening to me; so divisive and destructive. I have grown up with many different people coming in and out of my life, many different types from many countries and states. I feel blessed for this. I feel blessed to have the family and friends that I do from all walks of life.
Family and friends, to me they go hand in hand and I’m glad to have both in my life. I wish the same for you.
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