Friday, April 27, 2012

X chromosome

I went to a ballet tonight called “Birds of War”, a production of the Asheville Contemporary Dance Studio. I watched, listened, and admired the effort that had been put into making this dance so beautiful, politically challenging, and relevant for our times. There were a lot of women involved. Their bodies were lithe, but not stick figures. Their movements full of grace when appropriate and bent to odd angles at other times. At all times their presence was gripping.
We are a strange breed we humans. Tonight I reveled in the beauty of the female body. How different it is from a male’s. How having that X in us makes us capable of carrying a child, creates the difference in our hormones and makes us female. I thought of some of the women who’ve come in and out of my life. How some make me feel nurtured and loved, others I feel their scorn or outright hostility; how with some I can have fun while with other I have to watch my back.
I know this is the human condition but it made me wonder what might happen if we lived in a female dominated society, or even if there were vastly more women than men in any one place or time and if and how that would be a different way of living. I have no answers, just an idea. Maybe I’ll write about that in a story some day. Wonder what kind of tale might come my way from planet X in a galaxy far far away…  Photo of Birds of War


  1. A most interesting and enjoyable post to read.


  2. Thanks Yvonne, glad you enjoyed it!


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