Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for La Zoom Bus!

Over the weekend, Saturday night to be exact, we were in Asheville, North Carolina to celebrate my brother and sister in laws’ birthdays/anniversary. They rented the La Zoom Tour Bus and chose the “Haunted Tour” for this event. There were 38 of us on board and because it was a private party we let loose and had a great time! Ask anyone on the streets that night how loud we were! Every time our "host" (a werewolf) said "Thomas Wolfe" we all howled, which happened every time we passed people on the sidewalks or partaking on the patios of restaurants. I love the idea behind this tour. We were treated to comedy, theatrics, history (sort of) lessons of interest, and a wild ride on an old revamped, artistically painted purple school bus.

If you have a chance to partake of this tour while in Asheville, it will give you a whole other side of that beautiful city than the “Biltmore” visit, which is also awesome in a different more serious way. I found it a wonderful subject to write about for the last day of the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. What a way to end this amazing and insightful blogging challenge. I thank all of you who have graced my blog with your presence, and those who have chosen to follow me and keep up our relationship. I will keep in touch with those I’ve found, and because I’ve copied the list, will continue to visit all those that participated this year.

Here is the link for you to check out if you’d like.

 Photo of bus:

La Zoom Banner:


  1. Pleased you had a good time.
    A great Z post, it has been lovely reading your post over the challenge I hope to carry on doing so now the challenge is over.

    Congrats on completing the course.

  2. What a great time! Wish I could have been there with you. Congrats on making it through the challenge - we did it! :)


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