Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Happy Mother's Day!

My beautiful mother last century.
Her voice recognized every time she calls.
Amazing how she knows exactly what needs to be said.
Perseverance during our adolescent years to help us make it through alive.
Presence of mind to be sharp and tough when necessary.
Youth (ours) tests her for at least twenty years and she still endures.
Mother, Mama, Mom, in any other language is still the one who nurtured you, if you are lucky.
My beautiful mother this century.
Omniscient when we are young, kind when we are older, a friend when we become adults.
Taking our faults and helping us learn from them, making us people she is proud of.
Helpful but not overbearing most of the time.
Everlasting: her unconditional love, help, tough words, and encouragement.
Respect is what she requires and she deserves it, most of the time.
Surprises us with what we learn from her as she grows older and tries on new experiences.
Devoted to us. Devoted to our well being. Devoted to our offspring. A “grand” mother.
Accepting us with our faults, glorifying our victories, kissing our wounds, pushing us back out the door.
Young at heart, adolescent in love, woman in acceptance, beautiful crone wild with wisdom.
My sister, our mother, and me.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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