Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zip It Up

That is what I will do with this post on this last day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, zip it up. Finish it, be done with it; let it go. I can tell you I’m not happy about it either. I’ve enjoyed this last month of blogging, of tuning into other blogs and finding out what is happening out there with so many others. Bad timing doesn’t help. My parents (mum and “step” dad) just left today to head home to North Carolina after a ten day stay that was super and so greatly appreciated. They haven’t been down (to south Georgia) in two years because I’ve gone up to NC every month for those last two years to visit my father in a home. So of course I see the rest of the family as well while I’m there.
Now I am home alone with only my little dog Bonaparte to keep me company, until this evening when my husband comes home from work. I’m glad to have more time in my day to write but the first day of their departure and the last day of the A to Z challenge coming tomorrow, well, the timing is not well done for my tear ducts.
However, I’ve found some amazing blogs this year and will continue to follow them even after the challenge is over. Thank you to all who dropped by and left comments or started to follow me. I’m so very happy to have met you. So this is it. I’m zipping up the month of April with this farewell…
Take the high road, fly whenever you can, and don’t listen to those who would keep you chained, earthbound and silent.
You are worth more than anyone else can tell you.
Peace to you all. I hope to continue to see you through the year. Until next April….  
P.S. I will participate in the A to Z Reflections on Friday, May 3rd    



  1. Waht a lovely way to end the challenge, Lisa. Your moving zip is fantastic.
    A - Z Challenge
    Website blog:

    1. Thanks Francene! Glad you stopped by! This has been a wonderful month for blogging. Glad the A to Z team is SO on top of things and make this happen for us...

  2. Lisa, it was great to meet you and find your blog. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting, as well.

    Looking forward to your future posts and enjoy the peace and quiet :)

  3. You too!!! Thanks fro dropping by!

  4. Stopping by from your comment on the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Z post on Facebook!

    It is sad that it's over. There should be more great blog hops like this one!

  5. Hi Lisa .. try again - Chrome kicked me off ...

    Well done on finishing and I love your sentiments expressed here - it's a great group of bloggers with much warmth and support ...

    I've read your next post - so I'll pop on over and comment properly ... it's been great meeting up - see you soon .. cheers Hilary

  6. And to you Hilary! See you soon!


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