Friday, May 03, 2013

Reflecting on A to Z Blogging Challenge 2013

First thought: Can’t wait to get the badge saying I did it!

Second, well, I have so many, but to keep it short and sweet (like me, my husband says) I felt I made the challenge my own this year. Last year was my first time to take it on and I felt “hell-bent” to get out and see as many blogs as possible. That was fun and I “met” a lot of bloggers, but not many I stayed in touch with. This year I wanted to approach it from a different angle. I “surfed” the list (that enormous list!) and found five or six or seven blogs I really wanted to hear from every day. I visited their blogs every day and commented and found other blogs that I wanted to check out from the other comments made. What a difference this made to me and my stress level! And what great blogs I found that I will continue to follow and receive emails from throughout the year.
So for me, this year was about quality not quantity. Trying to make an impression on a few instead of fleeting comments on many that I never went back to. I also found tons of different ideas on how to blog!
Arlee Bird
I love this challenge. It reminds me of why I write and how special all people are who “journal” online in whatever form they choose. They open my mind to the world and to possibilities I might not have been aware of before.
Thank you A to Z Challenge Crew. You are the BEST! And thank you again, Arlee Bird for your brain child and all it does for bloggers!
 SORRY! Forgot to add the link for the reflections list! Here it is...

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  1. Hi Lisa .. so pleased you found me from that enormous list - it's been great to build that relationship almost from the off. I probably owe you a few latter end alphabet visits - but the posts will materialise from Reader shortly!

    Cheers and I'll love to hear how your son gets on with his bow and arrows ... see you soon .. Hilary

    1. I'll let you know for sure about my son and the arrows! I plan on checking in on your blog from now on, so we'll "talk" again soon! So glad we're in touch, and through this wonderful medium!

  2. Power to you for completing the challenge:) I didn't have the guts...maybe next year;)

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Okay, I'm fashionably late in getting back to your alphabet challenge. In time to see your reflective post. I'm glad you made this challenge something you could embrace in the ethos of positive interaction within a sharing, caring community.

    Although I did not and never would participate, I have rather ironically promoted it.

    Personally, I hope this is the last A to Z. It hijacks the blogging world for an entire month. I think that's way too much. Thus, as much as I admire and respect those that do, I shall continue to do my own thing.

    However, a positive aspect to this is I've got to meet you and I note you are interacting with my dear friend, Hilary. A wonderful result.

    Gary at the anarchic alternative alphabet adventure! :)

    1. That's you all over, Fashionable! I just went ahead and put my email in your little box so I wouldn't miss anymore of your posts. Still love how you "didn't" participate in the A to Z. And I LOVE Hilary too! I asked her about putting her own little email box on her site so I wouldn't miss any of her posts either. She said she's working on it! Glad you dropped back by...Have a great weekend!

  4. How funny to come here and see my picture. And then read the comment from one of my biggest fans--Gary. You know you love this Challenge. It keeps a lot of bloggers off the streets getting into mischief.

    Thanks, Lisa, for the kind words and the wonderful post.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yes, we know Gary really likes the challenge, because look how much we all like him! Thanks for dropping by Lee. I'm still enjoying visiting other blogs I missed in the challenge. I copied the whole list so I could do just that!

  5. Hi Lisa, great to 'meet' you through the challenge and looking forward to more of your great posts! :)


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