Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I've been writing when I can, which hasn't been much because of the young French woman we've had staying with us for the last three months, not to mention everything else... But, I have managed to finish the edits to the newest (and dare I say LAST) version of Evangeline's Miracle and have started the process of putting it up on Amazon and Smashwords. So look out for the latest and greatest! I'm so glad for the learning experience I've had with this book. I'm also happy to have found an editor who really seems to know what she's doing. She is worth every penny I've paid her. I feel like EM is finally the book I always thought it could be.
Linda Ellis
I am looking forward to the month of August and getting back to the current work in progress "The Seventh Man." My target is to get it to my editor,  Linda Ellis from by the end of August, with a hopeful publication date of November, just in time for Christmas! I have a new "virtual assistant," Natalie, from Natalie Rose working on the cover right now and we're almost done with it. Working on covers is so exciting/frustrating/energizing. 
I've also participated in my father's memorial, which we had on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. Then we drove up to Sandusky Bay near Port Clinton, Ohio to spend the fourth of July with our daughter and her fiance's family, so yes, we met the "Fockers" and they met us! It was great and we all had a wonderful time. I'm glad to know she's being welcomed into such a warm, and large, family. 
Sandusky Bay Ohio

Us and the Delmer

Then we headed home via North Carolina to meet up with some our our best friends, the Delmer, who now live in Arizona. I haven't seen them (their kids yes, them, no) since our move from Texas to Georgia nine years ago! In Texas we were not only best of friends, but close as family. They are truly our family and it was more than wonderful to see them again and actually hug them. Once we got home I played catch up and then we headed to St. Simon's Island on the coast of Georgia. My parents have rented a house there for the entire month of July and it was heaven. Bike riding, beaching, frozen yogurt, great food, pleasant company and to-die-for weather! What more could one ask for?
A Tree Spirit outside of Murphy's on SSI

Nolwen, our French girl, heads home this weekend, and we have a mini-trip planned for the first weekend in August before my husband goes back to school. After that, well, you will find me right here, in front of this screen, getting The Seventh Man out of my head and into the universe where it belongs. Hope you've all had a great summer, and that I see you soon... 

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  1. Hi Lisa .. it looks like everything worked its way through life .. and you were one busy lady.

    Your father's stone is very fitting ... and I'm so pleased your daughter has met her man and his loving family ...

    Enjoy your last weekend - guess it's gone? But normality returns now!!

    See you soon and I have some arrows to blog about sometime!! Cheers Hilary

    1. Hey Hilary, Yes, so far so good. I'm really enjoying August now!!! I'll be over to visit soon!

  2. Hi Lisa. What a lovely busy time you have had. All the best with your novel projects. I like the sound of your editor too!
    I see you have signed up for the WEP blogfest. How exciting to have you along! So looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Vacation!


    1. Me too, not like I don't have any ideas! Looking forward to the blogfest! Thanks for dropping by Denise...

  3. That's some serious traveling! Where in the Carolinas?

    1. Black Mountain and Old Fort, right next to Asheville, in those lovely mountains. So wish I lived there!


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