Monday, April 07, 2014

F - Foix

Château de Foix
View from down in the city, narrow streets and celebratory flags

In the Ariège region of France within the Pyrénées is found is a city named Foix. This historically was a major seat of power and people flocked to it from all over Europe. Today it is still a major tourist “must see.” The food, of course, is fantastic, the sites easy to get to, and Foix’s history is fascinating. The château has three distinctive towers, the two squared towers built in the 11th century and the round in the 15th, and presides over the town from a rocky mount. I love the tree-lined streets, the mix of architecture and the vibrant life of the city, especially during a festival. And if you’re a shopper don’t worry. Foix will keep you busy. To reach the château one walks a long and literally winding road up with views stretched out in all directions. I’ve been to Foix three times and each time something different entices me into coming back.

A view of the abbey church of Saint-Volusien and Notre-Dame de Montgauzy in Foix
The abbey church of Saint-Volusien and Notre-Dame de Montgauzy in Foix

Looking up at the round tower from the city streets

An interesting courtyard you can see through the gate protecting the private entry, notice the stairway curve...

My kids at a fountain sitting under a bridge

Fountains are found all over Foix. This is the "swan" fountain
A view of the city from the path leading up to the towers

A view from the towers
Foix's "Art Nouveau" post office
and the Plantain tree-lined street typical of the region

Buildings are built right into the rock base that the towers sit upon

Yes, there's a bit of wind up there! With our friends Jack and Jane

Here you can see all three towers

Image of three towers from this site
For more information on the Abbey Church, go HERE or to this fascinating  BLOG


  1. That's an incredible view from the towers! Gorgeous!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

  2. Hi Lisa - I've been looking forward to your next letter .. the three towers are sort of incongruous together aren't they - 2 square and one round .. but what a stunning place and views ... Fountains too .. and then the courtyard .. and I particularly liked the Art Nouveau Post Office - facade .. and inside? Lovely photos .. cheers Hilary

  3. You describe a tourists delight. In fact it sounds as if one would like to spend some time there, taking in all the sights.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. Lovely pictures. France is a fantastic country steeped in history.
    Visiting from A - Z and also WEP

  5. Great pictures, as usual, and I'm really loving learning about France. It's a place I'll probably never visit (I don't like to fly), but your theme, this year, has me covered :)

  6. The views from the city streets are very awe-inspiring!

  7. This does make me regret, just a little bit, that the school trip to France was cancelled this year for my was going to be so hard to send him, but perhaps harder to keep him home!

  8. Anonymous12:52 AM

    What wonderful pictures! You must have had a wonderful trip here. I really enjoy your A to Z!

    jetgirlcos visiting via Forty, c'est Fantastique


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