Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y – Mes Yeux, My Eyes and Their Love Affair With France

This will be the second to last post to showcase some of the reasons I love France (I could do a whole month or more on the amazing people who make France shine for me). Bittersweet to end this A to Z challenge this year because I’ve spent the last month revisiting places  and people I haven’t seen for a few years now. Nostalgia and also, surprisingly, a feeling of wonder and awe that I’ve been so lucky to have seen so much, done so much and met so many people who have made France a giant wonderland for me. Talk about a theme park! This is one I’d visit anytime. So, sharing one last blast through before we hit Z. Come and see France through my eyes…

Salad gésier, gizzard salad
 Making crepes at a village fete...
The church in Marsas
Door knockers all over France are unique and usually interesting. I could do a blog just on French door knockers!

A door and rose vine in St. Bertrand de Comminge.

Le drapeau Midi-Pyrenees, The regional flag for Languedoc.

A lovely planter at the entrance to an inn
Lining one of the streets in St. Bertrand de Comminge

Lovely building in the Pyrenees

Finding gargoyles in the strangest places.

The larger of the two churches at St. Bertrand de Comminge

A decorative red door in the Gers
Lunch at my mother in laws house, chicken, vegies, potatoes with bread, cheese and wine

A misty day in the Gers

A tiny car that was so cute I had to have a photo, not to mention the Celtic medallion on the hood.

One of those houses you know you could live in, in the Gers

A friend's welcoming doorway into their home.
My husband taking a moment to relax at my parents in laws.

On the Canal du Midi...

I did this once upon a time! Yep, biked the whole way...

Peniches, barges, along the canal.
A chateau seen from afar in between Toulouse and Bordeaux

A "vide grenier" meaning emptying the attic, is a French version of a yard sale or "Marche au puce, a flea market

A restored barn and house in St. Michel

Heading back into Toulouse
Need I say this is Paris?

Didn't think so!

At the air show, Salon du Bourget we saw the A380 fly...

The view from where we were staying
One of the many different "fountains" in Paris

A pedestrian bridge with style

Pres. F. Mitterrand's Library, yes, both buildings with a garden in between on the lower level Built to resemble two open books facing each other.

All over Paris one finds the old and the new "ensemble" together.
One of the newer "Metro" stations, looking like something out of a Sci-Fi movie

Waiting for the metro in another part of Paris

Sunset over Toulouse with the Pyrenees in the distance

At the "marche" in Cornebarrieu, getting a paella. What a choice!
My favorite, CHEESE, in all shapes, kinds and colors!

Cornebarrieu's police car... Isn't it cute?

The view from the bedroom my husband grew up in, in Blagnac
Christmas decorations in Blagnac

La Place Capitole in Toulouse with the Christmas market in full swing and the decorations exciting everyone.
Near Sost in the Pyrenees in winter...

The snows have only just begun.

Murmures d'Arbres, where we stayed in Labroquère in the Pyrenees.

A view of the Pyrenees near where we stayed

In the Gers, a view one used to find everywhere...

Flowers in Cornebarrieu, leaving you with visions of color...
All of these are my photos...


  1. That does it -- I'm packing.
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  2. It's so beautiful, and there's so much history--rich, rich history. I think I'm going to have to move there for at least a year and a half...and that may not even be enough. One day. *sigh*

    True Heroes from A to Z

    1. I'd SO love to live there! Hopefully some day...

  3. Some of the shots are so quaint.
    That tree lined road beckons me and my sports car...

  4. Que vous etes une artiste de photographie tres brillante, cher Lisa! Je ne dois pas faire une visite a France maintenant! Vous m'avez donner toutes qui sont belles , de la pays France.
    Merveilleuse! Merci mille fois! jean *who obviously did not use a translator for this!

    je suis tres heureuse a faire votre aquaintance! :)

    1. Love it! Translator didn't do too badly! At least I can read it and get the gist! Moi aussi, enchantée de faire votre connaissance Jean!!!!

  5. Lovely photos, the open air food - I can smell those crepes and that paella.

    1. Was amazing to eat them! The liquid he poured on the crepe was Armagnac and tasted wonderful!

  6. Your photos are beautiful. I would love to visit France some day and see these lovely places for myself. I had some young friends come back from France last year and they bought me postcards and scarves and a pen from the garden of an artist I admire. Thank you for sharing these lovely vistas.


    1. You're so very welcome Cecilia, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I can't believe we're already done!

  7. HiLisa - all your posts were just wonderful .. I loved seeing all the places, the treats you persuaded us to look at .. gargoyles, door-knockers .. I totally agree - just amazing ... generally loved the tour, the lore, and now the food and more lore, literature, gardens ... brilliant and such a great theme ..

    Cheers Hilary


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