Friday, June 13, 2014

A Book Review - An Autobiography by Agatha Christie

An AutobiographyAn Autobiography by Agatha Christie

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An AutobiographyI just finished this last night. It gave me so much to think about. Agatha Christie is such an icon that one hates to think to write a review about something as close to her heart as her autobiography is/was. I found it interesting reading most of the time. She, as she does so well, set scenes beautifully, gave the feeling of being there and it was all easy to imagine. I really enjoyed getting to know what she thought of her own life, and reading of her adventures, of which she had MANY. I wonder if nowadays she would be published if she were just starting because the way she started was so different from how it happens now. Her tolerance of pain was remarkable and the fact she wasn't educated in schools was a stunning revelation to me. Basically she was home schooled and I enjoyed reading about her relationship with her mother. Though she doesn't get "emotional" or let us in very deep with her autobiography, she does give us an idea of what she must have been like. She doesn't make any reference to the "disappearance" which I basically expected, but it would have been nice to have her do so. She does write about a novel she wrote about a woman basically disappearing for a few days and it made me wonder if this was deliberate on her part as an allusion to her own mysterious disappearance. She gave me some things to think about on writing and I've finished this book with a sense of wishing it wasn't over yet. If you like anything Agatha Christie, I recommend this autobiography.

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  1. Hi Lisa - she has sounded an interesting woman ... but more so as we find out more about her ... and yes I think I should put this on my list of reads. In the A-Z under U .. I mentioned she had lived in Torquay near some caves down there, which she used for descriptive purposes and ideas in her mystery "The Man in the Brown Suit" ... when I was looking around I found that her letters from her Grand Tour with her first husband had been published early last year - and that book looks very interesting .. The Grand Tour: Letters and photographs from the British Empire Expedition 1922 - per Amazon ... I see you spotted this in my May 9th post ... a reminder in case you want to follow on and find out more .. these are written by Agatha's grandson .. the 'look inside' in Amazon will I suspect tempt you!! It does me .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks for the reminder Hilary! Yes, when I read about her being in Torquay I thought instantly of your blog! Also, a scottish singer, Paolo Nutini, sings a song with Torquay in the lyrics... I'm going to check on the Grand Tour book. She wrote quite a bit about it in her autobiography.

  2. Hi Lisa,
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    Anna's WEP-Challenge for June 2014

    1. Almost done with it Anna! Coming coming!!!


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