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Romance - June Blog Hop


June blog hop word is Romance! Come and join us as we explore romance at its best, click on the link under the image...

Dreams and Kisses
He lay near the road, a bright splotch of red upon the long thick grasses, eyes closed with a smile upon his face as he basked in the full sunshine of the day. His hands lay clasped, fingers entwined over his uniformed stomach.

Oh, to know such peace, Lila thought gazing at him from the coach as he opened his eyes and sat up, quickly, but not with worry. No, his smile said he knew he could be in trouble and could care less. Lila’s breath caught in her throat. She recognized him. She leaned forward toward the window. "Leave him be."

"He’s a soldier and obviously not where he's supposed to be." Madame Fletcher, Lila’s chaperone, didn’t tolerate laziness in anyone, especially someone beneath her, someone who was paid to work,

even if he was a soldier, even though she herself lived on the charity of family.

"Everyone deserves a few moments to enjoy a day such as this, Madame," Lila said, but noticed no one took heed of her words. The coachmen forced the poor man up onto the back of the coach. They would lock him up while they checked his leave. Lila almost smiled. A man arrested for enjoying a beautiful day.

The coach stopped in front of the hotel Lila used whenever she performed in this town. She rushed from the coach first, ignoring her chaperone's call to return as she ran to watch the man being taken into the building across the street. Inside, she rushed toward the door beginning to close behind the young man. "I need to see this soldier," she demanded.

"Mademoiselle Lila, you man not—" started her coachman.

"Yes, I may. Do not stop me and do not come in. I need to see him alone." Before he could lock the door, she shoved past the coachman, entered and quickly closed it behind her. Madame Fletcher protested from the other side but Lila didn’t care. Knowing Madame Fletcher would force her way in if she could, Lila made swift work of the two locks as her chaperone pounded on the door.

Mm Fletcher screeched, "Come out at once. This is outrageous—"

"I will not. Leave me alone. I need to speak to this man and there is nothing you can do about it."  Sometimes, though rarely, it paid to be a diva. Lila stared at the locks, hoping they would hold. Their age gave her no assurance of strength, if sufficiently pressed.

Lila turned. The room was large and bare with a smaller room attached to the left. The young man looked in askance of her, as he stood clothed in his red uniform, blondish hair and heavenly blue eyes. She had not been wrong. She had seen him before, in the one special dream. All she needed now was to hear him speak and she would know if she were a fool, or the happiest woman on earth. Even if they tried to keep her from him, to know he truly existed would help when the time came to reveal, and fight, for her choice.

"By what honor," he began. Yes, she thought. His voice matched the one in her dream.

"By mine," she answered and touched him lightly on his arm. "Please come with me just for a moment. We have so little time." In the smaller room she faced him. She stepped to him and threaded her arms round his neck. "Please, hold me. Kiss me. Please."

She pressed his lips with her own and felt his resistance. "Please there is no time for politeness, oh please…" He gazed into her eyes, which beseeched him to listen, to give her what she asked. Lila leaned her body against the length of his as if to touch as much of him as possible.

Francesco Hayez
He leaned down and kissed her then, a real kiss, a full kiss and his arms encircled her. He held her closer, in answer to her need. She reluctantly broke the kiss as her hands moved to hold his face. Lila stared into him, memorizing every part of his beauty. His carefree manner disappeared. His lips enveloped hers again and again. "I love you,” she whispered. “I shouldn’t have said such, but I mightn’t have another chance." He held her as if life were about to end and he needed to end it with her.

The door crashed in. They took her away, but she didn’t scream or cry, only stared back at him, standing there. “I have dreamed of you,” he said.

“As I have of you,” she replied. His soft eyes didn’t leave hers until she was gone.

Lila ignored her sputtering chaperone and ran up the stairs past her rooms, to the roof. She would dress shortly, but before she performed tonight she needed... She pushed through the laundered sheets drying on the roof until she could see across the street. She waited. She hoped he had not been taken away. Then, as she turned to leave, her time almost up, he ran across the roof opposite hers, coming quickly to the edge searching, she knew, for her. She ran toward him. “Here, I am here.” Her eyes met his across the empty space between them.

“As am I,” he said. He bowed and blew her a kiss, a gentle smile playing upon his beguiling mouth. Nothing more was said. Lila backed away, her lips and body still tingling from his touch. She had found her mate this day and tonight she would sing it to the world. She would sing for him. If her audiences thought she could sing before, tonight would show them the diva she truly was. She had dreamed a dream, and now it had come true.

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  1. Where were women like that when I was single...?

  2. Hi Lisa
    Well, that's a bit scary but definitely romantic. I hope he proves to be interesting and honest. Well written.

  3. A dashing romantic story of intuition and deja vu. Meeting that one person we have seen in a dream or hoped for. We don't know if they meet again or not, but the hope is there. I like the accompanying image. . .Enjoyed reading this, Lisa.

  4. Hello Lisa.

    Wow! I have dreamed a dream! And it became reality. A very powerful story, moving deftly between scenes. I love this soldier and the singer and the way they've known each other before actually meeting. I like how feisty the heroine is, too. No chaperon slowing her down! I love how they see each other across the rooftops, too. I can imagine her singing to him here if it were a musical!.

    A delightful story of love, Lisa.

    Thank you for sharing your story with WEP. Perhaps this is part of a bigger story or has the potential to be so?


  5. I sure would like to hear her sing!

  6. So romantic, a dream come true.

  7. This story kind of takes ones breath away! Rich and thrilling and very romantic. I do hope he turns out an officer and a gentleman.
    Best wishes,

  8. It's an interesting story, but a story a little too easily romantic for me to hook into. Perhaps it needs to be a longer story with more buildup so the ending seems more believable. Nevertheless, strong writing.

    1. So understand Scheherazade. This originally came from a real dream that I had and I embellished it a bit. I wanted her to be a bit naive and yet determined to DO something, not just sit like a bump on a log. Take her future into her own hands. Whether or not she gets what she wants I left up to the reader!

  9. Very romantic! To dream of love, and see it manifest. Heartbreaking to have to walk away though.

  10. Hi Lisa .. my comment's just been eaten! So .. I enjoyed the tale took me back to my early/late teenage years when romance was the order of the day .. but this time I'm left to finish the story ... perhaps to open doors to new tales .. I enjoyed the layering into adulthood .. cheers Hilary

  11. Ooh! Dreams of true love... How fun!

  12. So romantic, I love how they both dreamed about each other.

  13. A romantic dream come true!

  14. Hey Lisa,

    Did I see mention of a dreaded blog hop? Yikes, yes I did. HELP! LOL What an intense bit of writing. Of course, I'm a dream come true. Thanks for such a romantic story, Lisa.

    A peaceful weekend to you and your loved ones.

    Gary :)

  15. Back for a second reading, Lisa, as it's a prize month. I'll post a wrap up on WEP tomorrow.



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