Sunday, February 01, 2015

Book Review - Mother of The Bride by Ilene Beckerman

Mother of The Bride, (The Dream, the Reality, the search for a Perfect Dress) by Ilene Beckerman
I read Ilene Beckerman’s prior book “Love, Loss , and What I Wore,” because my mother said it was worth reading. I trust her judgment. She was right. It was a good read. This one, too, is a lovely little (literally) book. Ilene Beckerman has the distinct talent of being able to say more with less. My daughter is getting married six months from now and my mother gave me this book for Christmas. And this book is all about mothers and daughters, expectations, hopes, dreams, the past, the future. I like Ilene’s simplicity and how much she says with so few words. I like her illustrations, she does them herself, and they fill the spaces her words leave open.  It is a memoir and love story. It is a truth, and a fantasy. I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it. 

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