Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Yalaha

I can’t wait to try the bread I just ordered from Yalaha Bakery!  I would have ordered the Hazelnut Cake but it isn’t on the “To Ship” list. This small town is on the way to anywhere, especially if you are heading north west from Orlando, and since I’m heading down to Orlando as you read this post, I’m going to stop in and see if I can’t get a piece of that Hazelnut cake. 

The original bakery
This bakery has been around since 1995, and the town has been around since around 1869 and sits on the edge of the beautiful Lake Harris. It is not on the beaten path so to say, but close enough that if you like German baked goods, you’ll want to stop here and check out the Yalaha Bakery. They use organic products, and try new creations any given day, such as gluten-free or sugar-free breads and pastries. They also offer a variety of whole grain products.   

Outside they have a large courtyard where live music is heard. Bikers stop and sit a spell, as do cyclists and folks out for a country drive… Stop in and see what the fuss is all about. I bet you enjoy it.
Outside dining

They offer live music here as well

Biker's stop, and cyclists like it too

Lake Harris

Another view of Lake Harris. Clear water...

Cyprus trees are beautiful here
And by the way, I received the bread I ordered, and could not be happier! This bakery truly lives up to its reputation.

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  1. Well I'm envious. Enjoy a slice for me. :-)

    Anna from Elements of Writing

  2. Not a million miles from the Deltona area where my son lives. Maybe next visit I should use your A-Z as my tour guide.

  3. This is truly a great AtoZ theme.
    Lovely pictures! And I can practically smell that bread! :D

  4. Man cannot live by bread alone, but I sure would like to give it a try!

    Life After Retirement - My Russian Adventure

  5. It sounds like a very good place to go and smell all the baked goods... great stuff!

  6. I LOVE bread. I've never had bread from that Yalaha Baker but if they ship, I'll have to see what they have. :)

  7. A place I would like to visit I think. Like Melissa, I can almost smell the fresh bread.

  8. Would love to go, but in the Uk. Can smell the bread from here.
    See my words at:

  9. Nice, rustic scenes. I'd love some of that bread.

    J.L. Campbell | A-Z Co-Host

  10. Yum! I love bread. We have a local bakery within walking distance that has so many wonderful things to try!

  11. That black and white shot is stunning.
    Big fan of bread and that place has atmosphere to boot.

  12. I love bakeries and fresh bread. And I like eating outside.

  13. You got my attention when you wrote, "Hazelnut Cake."

  14. I love bakeries and Yalaha is fun to say. I may have to try this. :)

  15. I love fresh anything from a bakery.

  16. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Oh you are tempting my French heart, here, Lisa. This bakery sounds awesome. Love the scenic photos of the area as well. Good luck for the end of the challenge.

  17. You can't do better than a German bakery-they know their breads and desserts-Love the Tortes

  18. Hi human, Lisa,

    Yallaha and aha, bakery. Nice one and because I'm never one to loaf, but sometimes roll over, I shall now go and attempt to wake up my human. Tell him the good news that the ridiculous alphabet thing is nearly over. Will be nice to get the blogging community back. Arf!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

  19. Hi Lisa - that's wonderful to read of their excellent service - and what a creative name for a bakery. The Hazenut cake sounds good too .. Yalaha - I shall remember and Lake Harris looks lovely too - and I like off the beaten track! Cheers Hilary

  20. Yum - the bread and baked goods sound lovely. That black and white picture of Lake Harris is stunning - it's so evocative.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  21. Oh man, I love old fashioned bakeries and all the goodies that go along with it...

  22. Hazelnut Bread?! YUM! Hazelnut anything is one of my guilty pleasures. That bakery sounds, looks, and I bet smells, incredible! I am glad Randi Lee introduced you to my blog :) She's lovely!
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings

  23. What a lovely little place! A perfect place to spend time with family and friends over food and music. The pics pf Lake Harris are amazing! :)


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