Wednesday, August 05, 2015

August IWSG and NEWS!

It seems like FOREVER since last month’s IWSG post, not just a month. I have been “away” from the computer for almost that whole time because of my daughter’s wedding, amongst other things. So, I’m home now, catching up, if that is possible, and I found an email I missed while away. What an email to miss!
My novel “Evangeline’s Miracle” has made it to the finals in the Florida Writer’s Association (over 1300 members) annual conference Royal Palm Literary Award Competition! I will not know until the evening of the award ceremony on October 17, 2015, if EM has actually won or not. But for now, I am happy that it has made it this far.

I have been here before with EM. My novel has made it to the finals only to trip over that last step, so I am understandably hesitant to get really ginned up over this. I ask myself, should I publicize like crazy and let everyone know this? Or keep it low key until I know for sure?

Pahhh! Not publicize? I may be hesitant, but I’m not stupid! Please wish me luck, and if you ever find yourself where I am, don’t listen to your own doubts. Go for it! Unleash the “beast” and let all your friends, readers, family, followers know. Give them the chance to celebrate with you! Here is my badge of honor!

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  1. That's right! Doubt is our own worst enemy. Best of luck to you--I'm sending positive vibes your way, Lisa!!!!

  2. That's wonderful! Congratulations! Even if you don't win, "Royal Palm Literary Award Competition Finalist" still sounds like a pretty snazzy blurb to add to the cover. ;-)

  3. Congrats, that is still something to be proud of. :-)

    Anna from Elements of Writing

  4. Wow! Congratulations! :D

    IWSG #119 until Alex culls the list again.

  5. Good luck! That would be a huge honor.

  6. Congrats on making it to the finals! This is great news and heck, yeah, publicize it like crazy! This is an honor, whether or not you win.

    We have two weddings coming stepson in October, and his twin sister next June. I was going to release my next novel April 1, but I'm thinking about putting it off until after the June wedding because I'm sure I will be a crazy woman as it gets close to the date.

  7. Heck yeah, you publicize! Congrats and good luck.

  8. That is a great honor. Wishing you lots of luck.
    Susan Says

  9. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Yay!! Of course you publicize this, my love! Being a finalist for any Award is an honor. I'm so proud of you! I'm definitely sending positive energy your way for the win. Love you!!

  10. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I don't know if the computer ate my comment, so I'll kinda repeat it:

    Yay!! Of course you publicize it. Being a finalist for any Award is an honor. I'm so proud of you. Sending you positive thoughts for the win!! Love you!!

  11. So glad you decided to post about this! It's an honor to be nominated for such an award. Good luck!

  12. Ooh that's exciting! Best of luck!

  13. Congratulations, Lisa!! No worries about being behind- I'm just now seeing this!! You never bragged? Or did I miss the bragging?

  14. Congrats from me, too, Lisa:)

    Probably better you *didn't* know until post-weddings... you would have been in a tizz and you needed to be in your best Wedding Planner Zen mode :)

    See you over at the Dragon's :)


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