Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Evangeline's Miracle Wins First Place!


Folks, I don't know how to tell you everything that went right at the Florida Writers Association 13th annual conference, ( but at least three things happened (among all the others) that stand out for me.

FIRST: Evangeline's Miracle won FIRST place in the Mystery category of the Royal Palm Literary Awards!!! Which confirmed for me that I did the right thing in revising and having EM edited professionally two years ago. EM was a finalist in 2012 but did not even place. I reworked it, re-entered it this year and it WON. I made the investment both in time and money and it paid off. Satisfying to say the least!

Marie Bostwick
SECOND: Our keynote speaker/multi-published author Marie Bostwick, made me cry with her keynote speech. When she saw I was weepy (I sat next to her at dinner) she asked me why, then told me that we needed to talk and to find her after dinner, which I did. She proceeded to listen to me, hug me, and tell me not to play it safe with my writing. That I was hurting my inner artist to not write what I needed to write. Then she told me "what you need to do as soon as you get home," hugged me, and I left. I did not want to monopolize her time when she was nice enough to give me what she did, a personal moment with her. If I ever get as published as she is, I want to be like her when in public. EVERYONE loved her. She was amazing.

Rachel, me, Nicolette, Mallory (with Vic DiGenti lurking behind!)
THIRD: Three young women, Mallory, Nicolette  and Rachel, from Eckerd College attended the conference as interns, helping us with conference work as part of their community service, which they must complete to graduate. I first met them back in April when I went down to Orlando as part of my training (as registration chair) to a FWA mini conference. We hit it off then and this time it was as if we just picked up from where we left off. One worked with me in registration for the entire conference, but I spent time with all three, especially Friday and Sat. nights. Not only did we just enjoy each other, but one has been to Tanzania and gave me "permission" to "pick her brain" if I wanted, for info on Africa while researching for my current work in progress "Rain." I felt honored and happy to meet and get to know these three young women who are all very intelligent and fun to be with. We had much to talk about, and I got the impression that they enjoyed our time together as much as I did. The one I worked with ended up calling me "Mom," which they all seemed to agree with, perhaps an honorary title! Somehow it meant a lot to me that we bonded.
With the lovely Marie Bostwick
Okay this is long enough! Just wanted to share these three events that only reinforced for me that I'm doing the "write" (heh heh) thing in being a part of this conference (4th year). When I start to think it is "costing" me too much time or effort, things like this happen and remind me that giving is so very rewarding. After all, the motto of this group is "Writers Helping Writers." That, to me, says it all.


  1. Congratulations! Wow, what an honor. Good for you. Sounds like the whole event was beyond successful.

  2. Big time congrats! Sounds like something I need to look into, living in Florida and all :)

  3. Now that was amazing. I hope my next writers conference goes as well :)

  4. I couldn't be more delighted for you, Lisa. Many congratulations on the award, on having a great time (as well as productive, helpful, etc.) and, of course, on making new friends.

  5. I loved this book so I am not surprised you won. Congratulations Lisa. Wonderful event.

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Congrats on the win! Ms Bostwick sounds lovely. :-)

  8. Wonderful! *applause* Congratulations on your success!

    I loved your story about Marie Bostwick. There's nothing more inspiring than when an author we admire gives us one of those special nuggets. I, too, hope if I am "successful" I will be as generous to authors finding their way.

    Congrats again! I am thrilled for you.

  9. How wonderful!!! Congratulations!! I am cheering and throwing virtual confetti for you. :)

  10. Hi LIsa - how wonderful ... so pleased for you and I can see you relating to the students - I imagine you're an excellent teacher (or were or are!). How lovely to spend that brief time with Marie - and for her to confirm that you need to get your concepts out there for us to read.

    Congratulations on Evangeline's win - not miracle at all ... so well deserved - I'm so pleased for you ... and I love your dress and look ... take care and get writing!! Cheers Hilary


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