Wednesday, July 06, 2016

IWSG Wednesday July - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Late again. Vacations in the summer sure mess with my  schedules! At least I got it in on the right day this month! I spent all day today working in my daughter's and son-in-law's yard. Over our almost three week stay here in Ohio, I've been planting items she bought but never got to, things I bought for her, and cleaning up a bit of the stuff already growing. Writing a bit, yes, but I have found a wonderful and fulfilling feeling while working these past few weeks in their yard.

I love to garden almost more than I love to write. But since we decided to put our house on the market I have done basically nothing in my yard. Why should I invest more into it when I'm (hopefully!) going to leave it to someone else soon? So this sense of peace I have found while gardening, I have enjoyed to the fullest. I love the grubby way my gloves feel, my dirty feet, the sense of accomplishment I am experiencing. This is the feeling I crave and love when I write as well, and though I have been doing a bit of writing, nothing like what I usually do has been done and I have felt like I've let myself down. Until I get in the yard. Then everything goes away, just like it does when I'm writing. When I write I am also creating, cleaning up and planting new things while taking care of what is already there.

Writing and gardening. To me they go hand in hand in feeding my soul...

A happy flower from my daughter's Ohio garden!
 I hope you have something to do that you enjoy and, that feeds your soul as well. Happy July!

JULY 6 QUESTION: What's the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?
The best thing someone has ever said about my writing is that they couldn't put the book down!
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  1. Lovely. I am not a gardener but I love seeing beautiful gardens in the making. However, I do have something that goes hand in hand with my writing and that is my music.
    Shalom aleichem,

  2. Enjoy the gardening. As you said, it's still creating. Just a different venue. I think that's good we do that sometimes. I enjoy playing my guitar probably more than I enjoy writing and I know how to get in the zone with both.

  3. Never been a gardener. In the UK I used to have a gardener (paid for by the company) who was an absolute wizard and I loved discussing what to do and where to put what, but as for doing it myself, no thank you. You know, you should use your updated photos on this blog. You look so nice these days.

  4. I feel the same way about gardening and writing. I love both! Your daughter must appreciate the work too, I know I would! The sun is getting hotter now so I have to enjoy things from the AC, which I hate, but at least the work got done in the spring and things are lovely to look at!
    I love those words, no greater compliment!

  5. This is a great analogy, Lisa. I agree that creativity spans tasks, both physical and mental. I've joined your blog. I'm new to the IWSG and am visiting sites today. All the best my dear.

  6. I wrote my post a week ago, then scheduled it. And forgot about it. Good thing there are some email feeds that reminded me to visit around today.

    I like working in my yard, but get bored quickly. I really need someone to fix me up a wild flower patch in the front yard.

    Maybe now that you have that gardening fix in, the writing will be more satisfying. Good luck with the sale.

    Ah, we all want to have someone say "couldn't put it down!"

  7. I find a lot of peace in my garden and some ideas for stories, too. I'm in total agreement with you about how gardening and writing go hand in hand.

  8. I spend so much time in my garden. And I love it. I too helped my daughter-in-law fix up their front garden. I just dug up hostas from my yard and replanted them. Now I am busy moving every last flower from the front to the fenced back since I am sick of the deer eating them.

  9. I can't imagine anyone who has only one thing that makes them happy. I've always wanted to get into gardening but I have never had a yard of my own. As for other things that I have done to keep me happy, I enjoy photography. However, I have to say I enjoy writing much more than photography. Though I do have to admit, I wish I had more time for photography. For the most part, all my spare time goes towards writing.

  10. Green-fingered people like you always make gardening sound so wonderful. I have a black thumb, though. :-P


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