Wednesday, July 05, 2017

IWSG - Reading Instead of Writing


I’ve made it back to the page, the blank one sitting in front of me, even if only for a moment. I won’t make this a long post. Suffice it to say that a full-time job really puts a dent in my writing time. I’m spoiled. I’ve had the chance to only write for so long that I’m really feeling the hit.
I won’t whine, but I will say that I miss my words. The way I’m making up for it is reading as much as I can. I just finished The Book Thief. For a book that I started a year + ago, I am floored. It might have taken me a long time to get into it, but when I did, wow, what a lesson in using words. What a strong and beautiful tale… (I have read other books in the meantime!)
Have you read anything interesting lately? 

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July 5th question: What is one valuable lesson you've learned since you started writing? 

Just because I like to write doesn't mean I don't like having a social life!  

"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away."



  1. My kids have a better social life than me, and they are below the age of ten!

  2. I finally read THE NIGHTINGALE and was transfixed. Because I'm presently writing my seventh novel, I haven't been reading as much as I want to.
    One valuable lesson I've learned? Write the book that's within you, and don't write what you think will sell!

  3. I'm sorry your writing time is limited now. Hope reading keeps you inspired though.

  4. I've not had time to do much writing either. For me, it's a lot of editing right now and not on my own stuff.

  5. I tried The Book Thief many years ago and didn't get past the first few chapters. Maybe I should give it another try sometime. I've enjoyed reading The Circle, Lilac Girls, and an autobiography of Eric Clapton. I'm currently reading A Man Called Ove. If my husband and sister hadn't praised it so much, I might have bailed on it as well. Not sure what my problem with this one is except I can see how the author is manipulating how his audience feels (or should feel) for the main character and it bugs me.

  6. I'm glad your back to the page. I hope words start pouring out of you. :)

  7. I recently read a couple of Carrie Fisher's memoirs, which, with the recent revelation that she actually died with a cocktail of drugs in her system, was a really heavy read in retrospect. I had assumed, rather naively I suppose, that she had cleaned up. But there was a whole lot of other stuff going on under the surface.

  8. Sorry you don't have time to write much Lisa. I didn't even realise you were working full time, when did that happen? I must have been asleep.

  9. Well done Lisa - and good luck with that new job ... but you'll get back to your writing - you've lots of ideas for new stories and new books - and you've had success ... I bet your readers are wanting more ... they'll be waiting for when the time comes. Cheers, happy reading when not writing ... Hilary

  10. Hi Lisa,

    Working can certainly get in the way of your passion for writing. The reading you're doing will, no doubt, be a positive catalyst as you try to get in some writing time.

    Indeed, the social life is very important. Sometimes, it makes for a good story.

    Take care and keep smiling.

    Gary :)


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