Friday, January 19, 2018

Bien Venu en France! Welcome to France Everyone!

Bonjour mes amis. It is too early to be awake, but that’s jet lag for you. I arrived in France two days ago on Wednesday the 17th of January after a very easy flight across the “pond.” My parents in law were there at the airport in Toulouse (Blagnac) to greet me, even though my plane had been delayed an hour.
Coming back to France is like coming home. I feel not only welcome here, but at ease and happy to be back. I’ve fallen into the pace, the music of life here with no regrets, no fears. France, in large part because of my extended family here, has reawakened a part of my heart that sleeps when I’m in the States. My head hurts from the abrupt shift to French all the time but I know that will pass. Just working out “muscles” that haven’t been used in awhile and once they’ve worked out enough they won’t be sore anymore. In spite of that, it all came back so easily. French is probably my first favorite part of being in France. I can’t exaggerate how much I adore “la langue française,” not one bit. I won’t even go into the food yet, but will post some photos!
Foix gras to begin with...
Rose champagne...
I head out next week to visit with friends between Poitier and Limoges and I can’t wait! That will be the true beginning of the “Do-It-Yourself” writer’s retreat for me. A couple of weeks in the middle of nowhere with few distractions and enough time to dive in and see where I will begin, which story calls to me first to revise. Oh, so much to do, and enough time to do it. What a dream my life is becoming.
I’ve been reading what I call the “Bruno” books, police mysteries set in the Périgueux/Périgord region of France and I’m excited to think about going there even though I’ve been there before. But I hadn’t read the Bruno books then and the thought of going there now and seeing it through Martin Walker’s eyes lends a new importance to the area. I’ll be close when staying near Poitier and Limoges. (Bruno, Chief of Police is the first in the series by Martin Walker)
À bientôt et bonne journée mes amis!


  1. I used to tell folks I would fly off to Paris whenever the chance arose. The last time was in 1999. I would love to go and spend some time in the countryside of southern France. Enjoy your stay.

  2. Glad you got there safe and are settling back in quickly. Go visit your friends and write up a storm.

  3. Enjoy your time in France and write, write, write.

  4. I'm so happy to see you made it safely. Enjoy your time away. I'll be waiting on a book, so get busy!

  5. Oh enjoy your stay! I've been to that part of France on holiday - it's a lovely area.

  6. Hi Lisa - À bientôt ... to you too. So glad you've arrived safely, feel immediately at home and obviously are well into getting organised with life ... just enjoy - I'm quite certain you will ... cheers Hilary


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