Wednesday, May 02, 2018

May, IWSG, and Beginning our "Tour de France"


MY APOLOGIES ALL!!! For some reason my post didn't go up on the second when it was scheduled to, so, I'm making sure it's up now. So....

France is still a dream, though a more real one than before. I thought perhaps once I'd been here long enough, my lust for living here would abate somewhat, you know, living everyday life here instead of "being on holiday/vacation". But no. I am more in love than ever, want to live here more than ever. Uh oh.
So, I will enjoy the time I have left knowing it will end soon, but that I have been here longer than I'd ever thought I would be.
My mother in law is having hip replacement surgery in the beginning of June and thankfully we will be here to help out in the aftermath. She is a precious jewel to me and I am honored to help as best I can, mostly, I'm guessing, with my father in law, who will be a bit out of sorts with her in the hospital and in rehab. Not that he would admit to that! So, my husband, brother in law, sister in law and I will all step in to make sure our jewel will have little to no stress outside of her operation and the reeducation she must deal with herself. We will take care of the house, cooking, washing, her husband, etc. so she can concentrate on herself and getting back on her feet.
Before that, now that we know when the operation will be, my hubby and I will take off for a jaunt around the country to visit friends. Our "Tour de France" will take most of May, and involve heading east to the Mediterranian, then north to the Drome at the foot of the Alps, then perhaps farther north to Lyon, then south west to the Limosin, then to Bordeaux, then the Gers, then back to Toulouse! And that isn't even including going to the Pyrenees this weekend. Whew! We are SO blessed to have such wonderful friends and family here. We are looking forward to seeing as many along the way as possible, and hopefully have a break here and there for me to write, ha ha.
So, once again, I have nothing to complain about. I can find reasons to feel insecure, but I'm too busy right now being present, in the now, in the here of France and its lovely language. I'm still in wonder at how much I love both, sigh.
I wish you and yours a wonderful May, and, congratulations to all those who made it through the April AtoZ Blogging Challenge! Hopefully I'll do it in 2019!

Co-hosts in this lovely month of May for IWSG are: E.M.A. Timar, J. Q. Rose, C.Lee McKenzie, and Raimey Gallant
Please drop by and thank them for co-hosting this month! 

"Let your heart have the last word..."

St Bertrand de Comminges in the Pyrenees

A bee hive sculpture on a building wall in Toulouse

A Market in the Place Capitol Toulouse

Jacobins in Toulouse

The whole path is covered with paintings from local artists

All in Tile!

A field of "Colza" which is "Rapeseed" or "Canola" in the States

The biggest peonies I've ever seen! Blagnac, France!


  1. No worries!
    I hope everything goes well with the surgery. Glad you are both there and can help. Enjoy your jaunt around the area this month.

  2. Just enjoy the time you have remaining and take care of your mother-in-law.

  3. Hi Lisa - oh so lucky - but yes blessings are great ... so go enjoy. If your MIL is fit and well - her hip replacement will be a piece of cake ... mine was ... but it'll be great to have you all around, so your PILs have some 'entertainment' ... just taking time to recover, even if one can walk, but not drive or be driven - because the angles are wrong ... for six weeks or so ... she'll be fine - I'm sure all will be well. Enjoy your visiting - sounds blissful - cheers Hilary

  4. Je suis jalouse! I've never been to France, but some day!!! I hope everything is going well with your mother-in-law. :)


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