Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead and Samhain night

Happy Halloween everyone! I know it’s also called the Day of the Dead, and love that it means remembering those who have gone, celebrating the memories shared of while they were alive. If you haven’t seen the movie “Coco” it is well worth a rental. The colors are phenomenal, and the story is very touching.
I’ve been walking around OSU campus for the last few weeks and loved watching all the pumpkins popping up everywhere, so I’ve captures a few in photos to share. I also saw a huge, and I mean, over a hundred cars, participating in what they called “Trick or Trunk” in a store parking area. The cars all line up in rows and kids and parents walk from car to car. Some folks had decorated the trunks of their cars and dispensed candy as if they were on their front porch. It was sweet.
I know so much has changed since I was a kid, or my kids were young, but at least this way there is a safe way for young ones to go out and participate.
What do you do for Halloween? Do you dress up? Go to parties? Or stay home and dispense candy to those who still Trick or Treat the old-fashioned way? I wish you all fond remembrances of those loved ones who have moved on, and fun watching all the costumes that seem to only get better every year.

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  1. Hi Lisa - went to see a play 'Outside Mullingar' at Chermainus - it was fun. Lots of Halloweens going on ... and there were fireworks at the local small set of shops ... which I heard! Saw lots of drapes in the trees ... along with the grey, green, greasy lichen hanging from the trees! Our film society had Coco when I was back in Eastbourne ... it is as you say a touching story - glad the campus is rewarding you with new ideas and thoughts and memories ... cheers Hilary


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