Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sunday Selections #1

Welcome to Sunday Selections.
My first post in joining the others participating in Sunday Selections is about The Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia. A lush, vibrant, hot, buggy, and beautiful microcosm of life to remind us winter doesn't last forever. The swamp is fun to visit and easy to get to, and kids love it. Well worth the time to put on your itinerary, and thought you're pretty much guaranteed to see at least one alligator, you'll most likely more, not to mention turtles, spiders, all kinds of birds, and fish.
Thanks to Drifting through life for keeping Sunday Selections alive for us latecomers to find.
Bird song fills the forest as you boat through the swamp.

The small canals running throughout the swamp give good access to wildlife in and out of the water.

First alligator of the day!

Lily pads, cypress trees, swamp grass... the list of plants is endless.

The boardwalk that runs to the tower we are in. The view stretches forever...

The cypress trees give the clear water its brown color, like a strong cup of tea, but I wouldn't want to drink it!
Do you see the 16 footer in the water behind Florent?

Our young French friend, Florent touching his first alligator!

We survived the Okefenokee!!!

Here is a smaller one in one of the "zoo" like areas.

This one just hangs out wherever it wants to, wow.


  1. Hi Lisa - that looks amazing and what a great place for Lorent to see while he's out with you. I'm back in the UK - settling in ... so will be back properly in the New Year. Good to see the swamp and learn a little about it - the Board Walk must be amazing ... Happy Christmas and New Year -cheers Hilary

  2. I would love to visit. It looks like a beautiful area with lots of interesting wildlife. I have never seen an alligator in real life. Lorent looks like he is having lots of fun and not at all scared. :) Thanks for sharing!


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