Wednesday, May 01, 2019

IWSG Happy May 1st!

 Happy May 1st everyone! After doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I totally forgot that today was the first Wednesday of May!! So here is my post for the IWSG just a bit late, but still on the day, whew. Thanks to J.H. Moncrieff and Alex, whose blogs I follow, for reminding me.

The awesome co-hosts for the May 1 posting of the IWSG are
Please visit their blogs and thank them for co-hosting this month!

While doing the A to Z, I also managed to finish my current work in progress and sent it out to beta readers for opinions. Which, because I didn’t want to sit around worrying on whether it will be liked, I set to on the next project, which is revisions to a novel that is one in a series. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m happy to make progress when I felt progress was going so slowly.

Now, on to the fun stuff! Which is two announcements from the IWSG website! The newest anthology has been released today, and the announcement for the next one has also been released today. I love a good news day!
Just released:
Masquerade: Oddly Suited - An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology
Young Adult Fiction: Romance - General/Paranormal/Contemporary
Print ISBN 9781939844644 $14.95
EBook ISBN 9781939844651 $4.99
Find Masquerade: Oddly Suited here - Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Goodreads
You can find out more about the authors of Masquerade: Oddly Suited here.

And the authors of Masquerade: Oddly Suited are hosting a live Q & A session on Discord! Join them on Sat 11th May from 1:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm GMT to find out more about the anthology and the contributing authors and ask any burning questions you may have.
The Q & A will be held on Discord. Please follow the invite link: HERE

The 2019 Annual IWSG Anthology Contest is now open for submissions!
Guidelines and rules:

Word count: 3500-5000

Genre: Middle Grade Historical – Adventure/Fantasy

Theme: Voyagers

Submissions accepted: May 1 - September 4, 2019

How to enter: Send your polished, formatted (double-spaced, no page numbers), previously unpublished story to admin @ before the deadline passes. Please include your full contact details, your social links, and if you are part of the Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter IWSG group.

Hope you're enjoying Spring!
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  1. It's good that you started on revising another manuscript. I do that too. It changes my focus and helps me move on.
    Thanks for mentioning the anthology too. I think I pre-ordered. Need to go check my amazon account.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  2. The Challenge and writing - I'm in awe!
    Thanks for mentioning our big news today.

  3. Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge and sending your current WIP to beta readers.
    Happy IWSG Day!

  4. You finished your WIP while doing A to Z? Wow. Good for you! :D

  5. I hope you get great feedback from your beta readers.

  6. I think moving on to new projects is the only way to survive. And be sure your betas are enjoying the story :)

  7. That's impressive that you made so much writing progress while doing A-Z. I doubt that I could have.

  8. Congrats on all your creative progress!

  9. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Congrats on getting your WIP to your beta readers. Along with A to Z, that is one hell of an accomplishment!

  10. Congrats on finishing the A-Z Challenge and for getting so much done last month.

  11. You did the A-Z AND finished a book? Wow.

    Pretty picture of the tulips. Also thanks for visiting me on Wed.


  12. Completing A to Z is a big deal. Best Wishes to your new project too. Happy IWSG.

  13. Glad to be your reminder, Lisa! :)

    Congrats on finishing anything during the A to Z Challenge, let alone a novel. Sounds like you're on fire! Hope the editing process goes well.

  14. I don't think I ever finished the A-Z, maybe once, but probably not, knowing me, so good on you, Lisa :)

    Hope the new project is coming along nicely, like a well-prepared slow cooker meal :)

    PS: No idea if that seaweed was endangered, but it wouldn't surprise me at that price...

  15. Congrats on finishing your work in progress and getting it out to beta workers. Hopefully they all like it or are able to give you some helpful insight.

    With Love,


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