Wednesday, October 07, 2020

October and The Air is Sweet IWSG


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Have you heard of the singer Jackson Browne? 
He sang a song when I was younger called "Running On Empty". 

That is how I feel today, as I send my thoughts out into this crazy sad changing world. I mean, I know the world is always in a state of flux. The world is not stagnate and that is a good thing. The changes happening right now however, feel more threatening than changes I've lived through before. I am concerned for my children, for whether they will even have their own children and that if they do, what will their lives be like? Not like mine, that is for sure. I understand people reminiscing for the "good ole days" now. For me, that is BC... Before Covid. I've been doing well I thought until now. I've been very busy finishing a novel, moving, creating a new garden/yard, building shelves, building a gardening shed, taking care of our son. Busy. And happy to feel blessed to be able to do all these things. Now I see autumn and the colors starting to appear outside and I know this part of my life is done. I put my lawn "to bed" yesterday, mowed and weeded for the last time till spring, and I felt like a chapter closed in the book of my life. What will winter bring with people having to stay indoors more than they had to during the summer? Will our country smarten up and make more of an effort to end this devastating virus in a united front? Will the ones who refuse to wear masks for others finally realize that we need to stick together on this? That we can beat it, or at least slow it down if we just do basic steps to help? I feel the only blessing is that the majority of the time when the virus hits, it does it gently, that the majority of people do not die or have horrible consequences. That is indeed a blessing I am thankful for. Still doesn't mean I want to get it!

Anyway, I'll stop now and think about the breeze carrying autumn that blew over my face yesterday while I worked outside. I'll think about the love of my family, and my friends. I will listen to a favorite song that seems to speak to my soul no matter where I am every time the seasons move from winter to spring or summer to fall, "The Southland In The Springtime". I wish you all peace, health and happiness...

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  1. My lawn will soon go to sleep as well.
    I don't want it either but pretty sure I'd get through it all right. Considering no one wears masks where I work I probably already had it and never realized it.

  2. I am trying to get on disability. I worked most of my life at very physically demanding jobs and I can't do it anymore. My financial situation is trash. I finally received my "stimulus" check. $1200 hardly scratches the surface, but the Narcissist in Chief had to make sure his name was on it.
    This has been a very difficult year for sure.

  3. I'm a bit running on empty, too.

  4. People need to keep being careful. Make the most of the holidays and count your blessings. Things will get better. It's always rough around election time.

  5. I've been trying to focus my thoughts on gratitude for the good things, too. The breeze, the crackle of leaves, the way my dog patrols the back deck, the snore of my dog, the plentitude of pens on my desk, my family.
    It helps me get through the hard stuff (multiple health issues among family members).

  6. I loved Jackson Brown back in the day...

    We all have to hang in there. I am trying so very hard to remember in spite of how awful this year has been, good things continue to occur. The garden still grew, right? Weddings happened. Babies were born. Love happened. Joy happened. It's hard. So very hard. But recognizing joy and holding on to hope will get us through.

  7. I think of my grandparents a lot lately. Both sets lived through the depression and WW2. I'm sure it had to feel like the world was spinning out of control, but somehow they found the strength to make it through. They were tough people. Hard working and resilient. I have no clue how many days I have on this earth, but I will live every single one of them to the very fullest...counting my blessings and doing whatever good I can for as many as I can. Most times in a mask. LOL

  8. It has certainly been one challenging time, and each time I hear good news, I hear three times more bad. I guess all we can do is endure and work on our optimism.

  9. It has certainly been one challenging time, and each time I hear good news, I hear three times more bad. I guess all we can do is endure and work on our optimism.

  10. I've asked all those questions myself.

    I'm pretty sure, though, that if someone has it, they likely will realize it.

    Sending you virtual hugs.

  11. Hi Lisa - I think we're all running on empty ... loving the Southland in Springtime song - a peaceful read at this time ... and I sincerely hope by Spring we'll all be in an easier place -though I know many won't be, which is worrying ... all the best - Hilary

  12. Running on empty describes me, too. I wish we could put 2020 to bed the way we do our gardens. The future has to be better. I hope. Like you, I fear for the world my children & grandchildren will inherit unless we smarten up. I'm not afraid of change. It comes whether we want it to or not. Some of the change is up to us. We must be smarter.

  13. We're all united in our concern for the future. Hang in there!

  14. Those lyrics are perfect for this year. My tank's been empty for a few months now, and I'm coasting down hill hoping I can make it up the other side of this 2020 mountain.


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