Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Rain Has Finally Come

Rain has finally come to the dry desert of my writing life. I can't believe with all that happened in 2020, that this is the year Rain chose to come to fruition. A blessing. An accomplishment I thought I might never see. I almost gave up. Family decided otherwise and gently prodded me to finish. Family stood behind me. I stood up to my indecision, to my fear, yes, fear, to finish this story. I feel so insecure about this novel, but I needed to give light to the vision in my mind that first sparked as long ago as the late 1990s. Yes, it took that long for it to all come together.

Often we don't talk as much as we should about family hurts or secrets. Sometimes we don't share our fears with those who love us most, because we fear not being understood, because society tells us not to talk about "Things Like That."

We, I think, during this year have learned that talking about "Things Like That" can be helpful, can help us heal, can help us deal with new or ancient pain. Pain doesn't stay silent if we don't "talk" about it. It speaks in our brains and buries itself deep, changing and sometimes warping who we are. 

I hope that in reading Rain you are inspired to love yourself for who you are and to not judge others too harshly. Compassion and Empathy are two vastly underrated emotions/actions we as humans do actually excel with, especially when we listen.

The past is not an easy force to be reckoned with. 


For Annalyn and Jack heartache is unexpected. After a whirlwind romance and marriage, a shattering secret tears them apart. Desperate to escape, each embark upon separate journeys to try and heal, to rebuild faith in life with new loves. But moving forward, they discover that rebuilding their futures depends upon coming to terms with their past. Will facing the truth allow them to find, and accept, the love and healing they each so desperately need, or will the secret continue to break lives—and hearts—apart?

Rain is available on Kindle right now (in time for Christmas!). It will be available in paperback by New Years.

Please, if you read it and like it, leave a review/comment for me on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Thank you, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


  1. But it did come together - congratulations! And Merry Christmas.

  2. Congratulations Lisa - lots of luck with it ... and have a blessed time together over the holidays - staying safe and peaceful ... Hilary

  3. I'm in the middle of Rain. Your three novels are so different, yet so riveting. I hope you continue to share your soul with us. After a lifetime of internal failures, I have learned to forgive myself and realize that human significance comes from within rather than from the judgment of others. Rumi and Lio are alive in my mind, as they interact with Jack and Annalyn. Thanks for your insight.
    fondly, Tom


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