Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot hot hot

I'm used to it being hot in south ga, but not so much here near Asheville NC. It is so hot I'm sitting in my sister's pool house, getting ready to get in the pool after a day in town having a LOVELY visit with my Dad! And A LOVELY lunch at the Monte Vista with my mother and our wonderful friend (and for me mentor) Jill Jones and her husband Jerry. We discussed a book signing coming up in September. Just in time for my birthday! Plans to make. Have two other book signings coming up earlier in Valdosta. I'm nervous about this. First times and all that. But have to admit, I can't wait to TALK to folks face to face about the book, about Evie and where she came from, about whatever it is one talks about at these things. I want to do more. I want to write more. I'm missing being home and alone. It will come soon enough though, I know. So I try not to get too many ants in my pants! Going swimming now. Be with my sister and her family and friends and oh, everything. I'm enjoying Twitter more than I thought I would. Especially right now following Star Trek folks!! LeVar posted a photo of himself with Angelou and Lou Gossett Jr! What talent all together! I thanked him for posting it! Bye!

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