Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm almost half way through Eugenia Price's Diary of a Novel. I'm finding it fascinating from the point of view of a writer. Being inside the thought processes of a very published and well known author who wrote for 30 or more years is quite 'heady', no pun intended! She also suffered from vertigo problems! She too, had to organize and maybe not even really write every day because of the daily demands of being who she was and living by the code she had set for herself. This resonates with me, as I feels so unorganized trying to keep up, to do the 'right' thing, and being there for family and friends when needed. There is so much information out on the internet that I almost wish for the days she had which were perhaps not simpler, but at least slower in that letters were sent by 'snail mail' and she had a 'real' editor at a 'real' publishing house; she was part of a team in publishing her works. This is SO sadly lacking in today's world. One is told "If you want to publish with a publishing house, you must send in your work 'print ready'. There is no more time for editors to help 'build' a writer, to nurture and encourage a promising writer's craft."
I grew up feeling one among many. I like feeling a part of a group, a team, especially when I can still have time to myself, on my own. I do need my 'alone' time. So, comparing my situation to that of E. P.'s I feel a sense of loss, and yet, I am doing what I am doing the only way I can for now and that will have to do. I have to learn to pick and chose among the information bombarding me what is relevant for me, my situation, what might work the best, and also learn how to move on from mistakes made. For now that will have to do. I wonder what E.P. would think today of writing, publishing, of what has happened in our world since she left it....
I'm off to have some morning "Maca Magic" MaCafe, my 'coffee' sans caffeine yet still packing a punch! Love it and thank the Peruvian Indians for giving it (well, selling it) to the world! If this interests you, find out more at Check out my links on this blog (or my webpage) for more interesting information. Guess a hungry tummy can turn even an esoteric post into a very basic one! I'm gone!

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