Friday, July 22, 2011

North Carolina

It's too early to be awake after a late night, but here I sit in bed in my sister's pool house, my son asleep in the other bed, Sandra (my 'by osmosis' step-daughter or maybe I prefer daughter of the heart, if not the body) is also sleeping in the 'bunk' style bed. Cars are whizzing by down on the road that loops around the bottom of the hill that the main house, pool and pool house sit upon. The birds have already stopped their morning serenade and are off I'm sure busily finding their day's rations. The constant hum of the pool pump is only a bit louder than the ringing in my ears that plagues me these days. Dr says nothing to do for it. Things to try, but no 'cure' as they don't even know what causes it.
While I'm up here to visit my Dad, and the rest of the family, to see my god daughter and cousin (who are married!) and to see other cousins as well, I'm also going to be interviewed, evidently on Monday before I head home! This is exciting, I hope. I'm not really paying it attention at the moment or I'll just get nervous. Too much to do before then to indulge in a case of nerves.
I hope to find my father in a good state of mind. Today is a 'Clarence' day (Clarence is his driver-guardian angel-saint of a friend, did I mention saint?! He is in his late 70's while my father is 84). Clarence has been driving my father around for years, maybe 7 or more? He puts up with my father's tirades, and yes they can be nasty, and he does his best to please Archie, which isn't easy. Not even for his daughters at times and so we appreciate more than words can express, the patience - and tolerance- our man Clarence has with our father! Life for us would not be the same without him. I've brought Clarence some honey, as I try to do each time I come up. Clarence loves honey in his morning coffee, we love Clarence in our daily lives. As soon as I can I'll put a photo of him here...

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