Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Working for previous employer today

Been at 'work' today, temping for my previous employer. Not too much to do, hence the 'previous' part. But I fill in every now and then when they need someone. I've had some time to keep up on FB, Twitter a bit, and find new friends at the Georgia Writer's Association. I'm hoping I did a good thing by joining them. So far it seems to be much more for non-fiction writers and that makes me wonder if I should be there. Especially since I paid dues! We shall see.
"My Little French Girl" Sandra, whom I am fast coming to adore even more than I already did, got lost today on I-75! Yes, not an easy feat, but she did. I reminisced about Tristan, my son, and the numerous times (I can almost not count them) he lost himself, in such interesting ways, too, making us good stories that still tickle the ribs. Back to Sandra, we're going to go to Blue Springs in Madison, Fl if the weather isn't too stormy tomorrow. She is so easy. We have spent hours talking now, learned much about each other and I find I truly enjoy her perspective. She has already experience more than most her age and it has shaped her well. I'll write more later as it is... closin' time...

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