Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greg, my 'other' father

It seems silly to say this, but having over two hundred folks come and check out my blog is wonderful, merveilleux, as the French say. Now if only someone would leave comments and follow me, that would make my year... I'm trying to create more of a presence online. I'm trying to create more of a presence in my life in reality! Ha! Nerves are terrible things to have attack you, especially first thing in the morning. I woke up with a song stuck in my head. When this happens I know I won't go back to sleep even if I don't have to get up for another half hour, or even hour. Once the song is stuck on replay, it won't stop and I won't sleep again. I don't listen to music as much now as I used to for this very reason. I'm sorry about that because I have loved music all my life.
And speaking of time, which I wasn't, but will do now, Barbara, the lady with whom I had the pleasure of having an interview in Black Mountain on Monday, wrote asking me about putting my parents name in the article she'll be writing. I thought that was very nice of her to check with me first to see if I wanted my 'step' father's name as well, which of course, I do. He's getting all kinds of attention lately, my 'other' father, Greg, with a G!
Time creeps up on you when someone asks questions of this nature. Greg has been married to my mother ten years longer than my father was. He was there for my son's birth and has been a grandfather to my son and daughter in a way my father wasn't able to be. He's been there all of my children's lives. They don't know their grandmother without him being in that picture. Wow. I am glad my mother was lucky enough to find him, at a wedding no less. Yes, must be careful at weddings if you're single!
I will attend my first book signing event this coming Saturday, at 2:00 pm, at our local library in Valdosta. I'm excited, nervous, and hopeful about it. There was a write-up by Dean Poling in the Valdosta Daily Times yesterday about the different authors that will be there. Very nice. I like being in the newspaper.
Work now to be done. Actual writing to accomplish, besides this I mean. I look forward now to these entries. Will post part of the first chapter of Evangeline's Miracle here later today. Salut!

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