Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hated Typos and Other More Amusing Facts of Life

Okay, so a friend of mine, a very good friend, read Evangeline's Miracle for the second time. She found some typos in it and I almost cried. I tried very hard to make it fairly typo-free, but did not, evidently, succeed. I hope those of you who have read it didn't see them! They are minor, but still should have been caught! So, please, my readers accept my apology and know that the next print run will be cleaner; that the next book will be cleaner. I will learn from this and make sure it is an error I don't repeat, repeat, repeat. LOL

We went to St. Simon's Island this past Sunday. Blue skies, HOT heat. Now I know why we usually go in the spring or autumn, not the summer. We ate at Barbara Jeans for the first time in a while. 

The treat of the visit for me was actually being able to go inside Christ Church. Every time I've been to the island the church has been closed. This time it was open and a nice lady was there to answer questions. I found out where Eugenia Price lived, where the Gould family is buried (From Beloved Invader and Lighthouse) and discovered two other bookstores on the island I didn't know about. Too bad they were ALL closed!!!! We swam at the beach. Two of us got too much sun but loved it. I wrapped up in a towel in spite of the heat. The water was Luke warm (ha ha Elizabeth!), almost cooler out of the water once you were wet. We ended up setting up on the beach right next to a French family, go figure. They had four kids!!! Aggh!

I've been at work at Ellis, Ricket and Associates yesterday and today. 

I so like the folks here. It was nice to be back. I don't work there tomorrow, which is good, because if I need to go to Orlando I'll be able. A dear friend is passing from cancer and if they want/need me to go, I will join her daughters and help as best I can.

I'm ready to do another film review, so, as my niece used to say, "Watch an eye out" for it, coming very soon!

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