Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Movie Review

My First Movie Review

Why not, I ask myself? If they can make a movie about Cowboys and Aliens, why should it be any stranger for me to write a review about it?
There are some vague spoilers, but I will try to give no descriptive ones, and will warn you if my good intentions are defeated.
Okay, to begin in a one sentence statement about Cowboys and Aliens, it’s a very good old timey western. Now the fact that it has aliens in it doesn’t in the least take away from the basic western structure. Not deep, not "new", just good ole fashioned bang-bang shoot 'em up. With a slight twist. I liked seeing Harrison Ford being "bad" for once. Daniel Craig needs to put on some weight. The women are lovely, one in an "alien-esque" way, which is nice, and the men are hardy, hairy, and rough-riding, which is as it should be. The kid is just cute enough and adds the classical easy-to-relate-to victim. The doc learns to become a "real" man, as he should. Victims abound, bad guys and chases are had, wrongs are perpetuated, and all that happens before the "real" bad guys come into the picture; literally.
I like when time is taken to develop the characters. This wasn’t slapped together on the off chance that folks would come to see it just because of its name. It felt thought out, done with an experienced hand, done with attention to making you care about the people involved in a Hollywood-kind-of-way. A way you can count on.
The special effects weren’t bad either, some things were inventive, some were basically the usual fare these days, but all in all effective. If you like western and/or alien rabble rousing, good guy/bad guy movies just for fun this is the movie for you. My rating is; I'd see it again.

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