Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Post one of two Missed a Few Days

I had to post this photo here of the sunset last night. I was brushing my teeth, looked outside my bedroom window and saw the glow in the sky through the trees. I grabbed Sandra, our lovely French guest and she the camera, and we went out to try and capture a bit of the glorious sky. All purples and pinks with a slice of the moon visible at the point of a dead tree. Breathtaking. A good reminder of how beautiful this world can be.
Tonight I went to bed, couldn’t sleep for my head racing ahead of me, telling me to get back down here and write in this blog. Haven’t written for a few days and really missed it. Too many things are itchin' to be explored, shared.
First: I’m holding myself to only a few ‘days’ each night reading Eugenia Price’s ‘Diary of a Novel’. It is striking such a cord in me that I’m afraid for it to be over, to read it too fast. I need her in my day, my every day right now. She is helping me focus, make plans, stay on task. I feel like I’m cheating now, myself, when I don’t follow through on something. This is good for me, to focus.
Second: I’m feeling too overwhelmed at trying to get the book on Smashwords—they want only word documents—which means I have to follow their formatting procedures. I paid to have someone do that for me already and now I have to do it again on my own? It is a royal pain in the arse.
Third: I want to put the book up on and I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone to help me do that, when they said it would be soooo easy, just send them books. Where?
Fourth, and really First: I need to write every day on ‘The Seventh Man’ or it will never be done by the Spring, my deadline!
Fifth: I have bills to pay, too many things to file, books to send out to readers (thank goodness!!), and a flower bed to put in.Not to mention I must see "Cowboys and Aliens".
So you see? These are the things chasing each other around in my head, well, maybe not so much the cowboys and aliens thing, but all the rest won't shut up.
I’m also thinking about the comments I’ve heard so far about the book, like, “Listen you, I have a problem with you.”
“What did I do?”
“My wife stayed up till 12:30 reading that book. That’s just too late on a work night.”
Me, big smile. “Well I hope that means she liked it…”
“Yeah, she did.”
And the friend who said she was forcing herself to read slowly to make it last longer, or the one who said “Lisa, I love, love this book! It is wonderful and so different than any book I have read recently! When will your next book be out?”
I also appreciate the friend who read it and said, “Lisa , wow you are a good writer. Evangeline’s Miracle was fun. Not really my kind a book right now in my life but I enjoyed the read.”
These comments mean so much to me. I need the feedback to see how it is taken. I'm also very concerned about comments I'm not hearing. Do they not like it? Would they tell me if they don't? So, I’m going to run some kind of drawing from my blog, advertised on the website, about leaving comments. Have to figure how that will work and then will post it here.
And so I shall stop now and do another short post before I try, once again, to go to sleep…

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