Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Post two of two Missed a Few Days Catching Up

Did I mention the baby kittens living under our tub? Mom got in through the plumbing access door on our porch, had her babies, and now they mew all the time! I can’t get them out until they are old enough to follow her out. Shouldn’t be too much longer now. I might have to keep one, as my daughter suggests… We shall see how that goes. Speaking of youngest child, I got to SEE her today after almost a month with no video on Skype! Her computer screen was broken but is fixed now, thank goodness. I’m sure her beau is happy about it too, possibly even more than I am!

Our lovely young French girl, Sandra is such a joy to us. We will so sorely miss her in September when she must return to France and take all her energy, sense of humor, and great cooking with her! I admit, I am spoiled. She takes such good care of us with food! Her lively lovely face, so much like her father’s, is such a joy to watch. She is volunteering in town and worked all day today before going to the Y to swim and flirt with boys. She of course already has many admirers both here and in North Carolina... Not surprising. Look at this girl! Here she is while scalloping in the Gulf!

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