Monday, October 03, 2011

Jeans As In Blue: A Bit of Idiocy

Jeans As In Blue: A Bit of Idiocy
I’ve worn them. I have a few pair. But I don’t like them unless I’m small, like as in not 10 pounds overweight. I went online to get an idea of what’s out there now. OMG. I can’t believe we’ve come so far as a race and not seen the threat of Jean multiplication! They are going to take us over if we aren’t careful! The list is amazing, like a veritable catalog. Some of the names are strange; People’s Liberation, Black Orchid, Citizens of Humanity, Denim Factoria, Iron Army, Gridlock, HA-67, Kill City, True Religion, Diesel, Apple Bottoms, Rock Star, Bleulab, Cohesive, Yanuck, to name a very few. Or we have ordinary or familiar names too, like Mike Lanes Jeans, Brown Label Jeans, Jordache, Arizona Jeans, Wrangler, Levi, Lee, Riders, and Rustlers.  This is almost irrational.
And so darn confusing! They’re all made of denim of one sort or another, stretch, heavy, thin, dark blue, light blue, washed out blue, stonewashed blue and that’s not even starting on colors such as green, red, yellow or orange or brown, black and purple, even pink! They are bleached, holes are purposely cut into them and frayed or they’re wrinkled on purpose in different areas or ways. There are jeans with elastic at the waist for ‘grannies’, there are jeans for boys, girls, women, men, cowboys; dress jeans and studded jeans, jeans for carpenters, jeans for hunters. There are low cut, waist cut, hip cut, boot cut, flared or not, skinny or not, regular and oversized as well. Its mind numbing, mind bending, totally irrational.
To think we, or I should say “society” tries to make us all fit in a box, go to school and learn the same way, go to work and work the same way. Go to church, but remember, only the right one counts. Don’t be different (unless you’re a child then you are told you can be anything you want), fit in, do what is expected of you, and yet, look at all the emphasis we place on choice, on having not just one or two choices, but millions, at the grocery store: look for canned beans, how many types are there on the shelves? Salted, unsalted, all natural, additive heavy, green beans, French cut, regular cut, and yet ten (if you’re lucky only 10) different brands all offer exactly the same thing, but different of course. Try milk, try cheese, try drugs, try books, try light bulbs, try patio furniture or cars, try… Jeans!

I think we are not rational creatures even though we like to tell ourselves we are. Rational does not have the place in our lives we think it does.  We are all as different as we are the same. We have so much that IS the same that we forget the differences and condemn those who choose to flaunt theirs, unless of course, we like the “difference” ourselves.
When asked why God painted him in the movie “Prince of Thieves” Morgan Freeman responds, “Because he likes diversity.” We are diverse. God made us that way. We deserve choice because of that. So, rational or not, bring on the jeans! 

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