Thursday, October 13, 2011

Now I can post about the Black Mt. book signing!

The "Long" Table

Jill Jones, my wonderful friend, mentor and multi-published author got the photos she took to me yesterday so I can now write a bit about how the book signing/reading went! I’m happy again just thinking about the event and the thirty-odd people who showed up for it. There was a cost because it was a “tea” as well, and that was quite beyond touching for me to have so many pay to hear me read, and for those who hadn’t already, to buy the book.

Suzie Painter name coming soon
Sue Miller, names coming soon
Phil Wight, Cat Jennings
My father came. My mother and my other dad, and my sister and her husband, too. Jill Jones and her family were also in attendance. It was such a joy to see all the friends of friends, meet new ones, and to see friends I hadn’t seen in years. Dorothy Handy, a dear friend of my grandmother and mother, drove up from North Georgia for the event. Please note I will insert names when I have them! Sorry if I've forgotten yours...
Greg Miller 
Kay-Cee, Dorothy Handy
Keith Jennings, Don & Kimble
We ate a scrumptious “tea” with champagne to begin with, then finger sandwiches and sweet goodies, all homemade and catered by the great staff at the Monte Vista Inn, where the reading was held.
Shannon,  Sue Miller
Various attendees and Jill Jones
I thought I would feel jitters, be too nervous to read well. I’d spent literally the entire morning practicing, and though I still stumbled a few times, I think I did rather well for a first public reading. To begin, I played Sarah Brightman’s “The Last Words You Said To Me” (Music: Richard Marx, Lyrics: Janey Clewer), which was a huge inspiration for me while writing the story. I then began to narrate and read. I suppose I did so for about 15 minutes standing at the tall table they’d put at the end of the long table where everyone sat to eat. Standing was a good thing in that venue. I didn’t worry about if I could be heard or not and it took my mind off of what I was doing!
 the author

I know what I will do differently next time (which will be November 5th at the South Georgia Regional Library in Valdosta from 2 to 4 pm!). I learned this can be a fun experience, and I learned much from the time spent with "my" readers. I thank you all very kindly for participating in my first “major” event as an author. I thank Sue Conlon at the Monte Vista for a wonderful “tea” and location; Jill Jones for her faith and belief in me, and my family for their support of me in this endeavor and their love which is always there. I feel so blessed!
The author

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