Friday, April 20, 2012


I did something today I have never done! I “clerked” at a garden show. That means I was the gofer for my group of judges. I was on my feet from nine am to two pm with each minute worth the effort.
I learned much about plants and what judges look for in a specimen in different types of plants. The reason this post is “regeneration” is because clerking this show not only gave me a whole new world to look into, but it rejuvenated my gardener’s soul. I will never look at my plants, whether in my yard or on my porch, in the same way. I can't wait to get out there and encourage the beauty I have already in the works.
There is SO much to be said for doing something you’ve never done before. I hope you give it a shot and see what it “rejuvenates” in you!

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  1. How fun to learn something new. Living in an apartment, I'm always looking for new container garden ideas and plants that will survive Florida heat.

    Just dropping by from A to Z.

    Happy blogging!


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