Monday, April 23, 2012

Tristan, the “Last Minute” son

Twenty-five years ago my husband and I were blessed with a son whom we named Tristan. I was inspired by the younger brother on “All Creatures Great and Small” and my husband by the famous opera. Our son came not upon his due date, but on the day he chose, which just happened to be the anniversary of Napoleon crowning himself emperor. Our son waited till the last minute to arrive as, we found out, is his custom.
When Tristan was born he didn’t cry. He barely made any sound at all. The doctor gently forced him to make some noise so she knew he was all right, but he didn’t feel inclined to aid her. He peered out at us as if a more knowledgeable person waited behind those all-seeing eyes. As if to say to us, “I don’t think I’m ready yet so you’ll just have to wait.” And wait we did and still do. Once he chose to participate in this world, he took it at his own pace and made sure we knew it when he felt rushed. As a man in his own right now and no longer “our son” only, he speaks fluent English and French and is a musician who writes his own songs.
Tristan still, and always has, had a habit of waiting till the “last minute” for anything. To be born, to go to school, to do homework, to make sure he has what he needs for a gig, or for work, or gas in his car, or his wallet or keys.  I think this comes from his unwillingness to join the rest of the world’s time table. He likes to set his own. I don’t know if he’ll ever make it to the “big time”with his music, but he’s one heck of a writer and has a guardian angel who works miracles for him so who knows? Why not? Maybe he’ll even take me seriously one day and use the name I know he’s destined to use for his band. Maybe one day you’ll hear a song that knocks you off your feet and you’ll find out the name of the singer/group is “Last Minute Son.” Maybe it will tweak your memory and you’ll search the web only to find this little bit of - for the time being “unknown”- history on that superstar. You’ll proudly tweet it to all your followers and find yourself, unlike my “Last Minute Son,” ahead of the game.

Tristan can be found at:

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