Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Writing to Catch Up

Archie Buie, my father

So it’s very past time to write in this blog, to update my readers, to get words on paper/screen again. First, my father is doing much better than we could have expected a few weeks ago. I am VERY thankful for that, for your comments here and the fact that I have learned a lot through this experience; not only about my dad and his amazing ability to “bounce” back, figuratively speaking, but my ability to adapt. It was a scary time for awhile there facing the loss of the one man I’ve known literally all my life. I spent much time contemplating the world without him in it. I guess you could say I was given a “test run” on this part of the life and death process.
I found much solace in nature during this time. I ended up finding many plants for the garden my husband and I started before I dashed off to North Carolina. The foliage, the rich colors of the flowers all helped me find a sense of peace and order in the midst of the chaos my emotions were going through at the time. My father has now recovered enough for me to feel good about coming home. He won’t ever be as he was, but he still “is” and I’m happy. He is too, especially because he’s back to fishing! I’ll visit him again at the end of July or beginning of August and I am okay with knowing there is no way to know what will happen next or when with him. Life. It is very good right now.
As if to affirm that, the flowers and plants that are now at home in our new Memorial garden are thriving. They continue to provide the calm and peace I needed so much while up on North Carolina dealing with my father’s failing health. They remind me of him and his strength, his love and his amazing blue eyes, still full of his essence. They remind me of the ever-changing aspect of life.
Now I’m off to write something else. More posts will come soon, as I’m eager to expound upon a few subjects now that I’m back at the keyboard again! Must say I missed it.

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