Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We always hear how important the first sentence/paragraph/page/chapter of a novel or story is. How the “opening” will make or break you regardless of how “good” the story itself is or will be. So, today, I’m sharing the opening of my WIP and would like your feedback on what you think of it. Does it make you want to read more? Is it interesting? Is it easy to read? 
The man stood so still most passers-by didn’t even notice him. He watched the entrance to the Royal Bank of Scotland from across the street waiting for the exact moment. His hands were gloved. His knife laid buried deep within a trash bin where it awaited retrieval. He couldn’t take it into the bank with him. He had a small plastic bag, a roll of tape and the key stashed in various pockets of his Burberry coat. His hat lay cocked to shield his face from surveillance cameras; the glasses he wore to aggravate the police even more. He needed nothing else. Not now, not so close to the end.
That’s the first paragraph. What do you think?

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  1. Sounds very interesting and makes me want to find out what his plans are when he enters the bank. It's obvious the man is up to no good..., but to what extent :)

    1. That's a reaction I could hope for! Thanks Mark!

  2. It's certainly intriguing. Like Mark, I'd guess he was up to no good.

  3. Hi Lisa .. I'd like to know about the knife - and what use it's going to serve, as it's tucked deep into a trash can ...

    You've certainly opened lots of doors to pursue and lead us through ... good luck and hope to read more .. cheers Hilary


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